2020 or 2021 for gliding in the alps

  • Hey, used to be a fairly active member on this forum back in 2014 or something when the original Aerofly was quite new. Stopped playing a while back but I’m getting interested again and wondering which of the new versions to get.

    What I want to do -

    Gliding in the Swiss alps, that’s all I did on the old version. I want clouds, and at least as good textures as the original Aerofly.

    Device -

    iPad Pro 4.

    Are the textures in 2022 for the Swiss alps as good as they were in Aerofly 1? Only worried they might have compressed it to account for the larger map.

    Is there any point in me getting 2022 over 2021? I know you can add extra regions to 2021, Switzerland being one of those, but are they free to download?

    Cheers for any help.

  • I would buy Af 2022. Swiss has the best texture quality of all sceneries in the new Game. Im not sure but I think swiss cost in Aerofly Fs 2021 0.99€. In Af 1 you dont have interactive cockpit (but I don‘t think it’s very important) and you can‘t set route. Aerofly Fs 2022 has new better Cloud models. I would buy the new one but it’s your decision.

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