787 does not hold LNAV during a short legs route.

  • I have read the new autopilot guides.

    Version iPadOS.

    iPad pro 12.9 M1 2021.

    Can the B-787 hold LNAV with autopilot track changes over about 45 degrees in a route made up of approach procedure short legs? Frequently the LNAV light goes off and the plane does not make a planned turn. The route can be followed again with (frequent) re-presses of the LNAV button, sometimes a HDG correction is necessary. The speeds and altitudes were normal, about 210 KT.

    What is a minimum leg length and is there a maximum heading change?

    A typical problem route is one made in the nav page following the real world Stansted 04 ILS. A fix was entered too, can the sim be overtaxed?

    (Runway 05 with year 1999’s magnetic variation).

    The LNAV did not work at the turn towards ASKEY and at D 12.0 BKY (D196L in FS2022) turns.