Baron 58 Panel Lighting Bug

  • There’s a programming bug tied to the timer and instrument panel lighting on the Baron 58.

    When using the Timer function button on the yolk’s clock/timer, the instrument panel lights will intermittently turn off and sometimes, on, with each button push.

    Example: During a night-time procedure turn, starting the timer will often turn off ALL panel lights AND the timer’s backlight. With a completely dark cockpit it’s impossible to find the timer button to turn the panel lights back on (assuming they will).

    Thank you.

  • It could be just the push on the yoke’s timer buttons and instead the simulator thinks you’re using the lighting panel behind the yoke. This will cause the panel and instrument lighting to do this, it’s happened to me before too.

  • Thank you for the help.

    Well, I just repeated my lighting experiment. It is in-fact switching the toggle switches behind the yolk (I can hear them toggle). Keep in mind, the yolk is displayed and the switches are obscured from view. The sim is allowing me to magically access the switches right through the yolk! This access only occurs during night operation.

    Again, thank you. Love the sim.