Q400 ILS problem with the tutorial

  • Hi, I have been following the tutorial to fly the Q400, and there is a step I can't make work. It's related to the preparation to intercept the ILS of runway 25R in KLAX, as the tutorial said.

    The problem starts in the following step:

    Preparing The Right PFD

    • On the right side PFD switch the navigation source to NAV2 (“ILS2”) and check if we are receiving the ILS signal. For our tutorial flight the PFD should show “ICFN” on the legend to the right of the display, the course of 250° should be set automatically.

    I can't get the "ILS2"... it says ILS1 (check the attached image) No matter how much I turn the knob, ILS2 doesn't show up.

    Then when I'm getting close to activating the approach button to intercept the ILS, I select ILS1 in the PFD on the left side. But I get these weird red cross lines on the MFD. And the ILS course is also wrong by default.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Hi,

    Using the Q400 on mobile there are two things that automatically change the ILS frequency and course and that are the Aerofly assistance for auto-tuning and the Q400's ARCDU devices. I'd recommend turning the assistance off in the game settings and then also rotate the ARCDU mode selector to the BOTH position on both devices. If you leave them on FMS the ARCDU sets the frequency based on the planned route and you cannot manually set it.

    The text label for ILS2 might be incorrect, I'll check.