Playing with a joystick

  • The PS5 DualSense works well in Bluetooth.

    The throttle control is so slow that is a problem to takeoff, but the worst happens at landing when you have to set the throttle to idle, too too slow.

    Otherwise, the triggers works like a palonnier.

    But on iPad the touch user interface is so good that you give up with the controller.

    [EDIT] about PS5 DualSense

    • Triggers L2/R2t: rudder/brake like a palonnier + wheel steer under 20 KTS GS
    • L1/R1: change view group, change view in a view group
    • Dpad up/down: throttle but it is anti game usable
    • Dpad left/right: flaps
    • Left joystick: turns head of the pilote but does not come to zero when at zero
    • Right joystick: pitch/roll
    • Button square: gear

    See the attachment to visualize the buttons (it from a Mac application, but I'm talking about iPad)


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