Flight Tutorials

  • Hi,

    I have bought FS 2022 and am using it on an iPad. I am working through tutorials and I note that they refer to locating and then starting at airports in USA. The version I have does not recognise these airports and seems to be European only. Are there tutorials available for Europe?



  • I refer to the Wiki, ‘Flight Tutorials’.

    Setting Up Your Flight

    Once you have the information needed for your flight, start Aerofly FS 2. For this tutorial we are going to use the Baron 58 aircraft. Note - The instruments may be different in other aircraft, but the concept learned in this tutorial is basically the same.

    • First select the Baron 58 aircraft.
    • Open Location and place your aircraft just above Buchanan Field (NE of SanFrancisco near position N 38.09 degrees W 122.08 degrees), turn your aircraft to face San Francisco (around 194 degrees), and set your altitude to 5,000 feet. Note - This will be your starting point for this tutorial.

    Same on A320.


  • Thanks Jan. I do get that, I am still finding my way around and was just wondering if there were Europe equivalents. I will work with your suggestion.