Speechless !

  • Goddammit IPACS you guys are "GOOD". :thumbup: You create a SIM that works flawlessly, loads in no time at all, best easy user interface compared to all the rest out there, has total plug n" play support for all peripherals, has the best VR than any other SIM, and when there is a patch or fix your on it right away and we don't have to wait till the next SDK to be fixed. You guys are SIM gods, literally, I mean it. Your only a small team say 5 to 9 workers (so I've read), and you accomplish this so easily ;) . No wonder I use Aero fly 95% of the time and the "other SIM" (MSFS) only 5% of the time. Speechless, just speechless. You really need to get the team from ASOBO in training and show them how to do things properly and efficiently, lol. Sometimes I don't know why I stick with MSFS as a second SIM. Maybe its just the eye candy that keeps me using it. Wait, that's it, its the eye candy ;), because that's the only thing MSFS has going for it. :(

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  • I have MSFS on my games PC because it has full world coverage. I have bought every Australian add on for it whIch has cost me a lot even at sale prices. BUT if your internet is patchy (which it always is at my house) then photogrammetry can be a problem. No issues with AFS4 which is why I prefer it. :)

  • I've been happy to support the developers by buying FS4 and its addon. However, I'm still mainly using FS2 because thanks to DLC's and user content it has much better world coverage. Hopefully FS4 will continue to get more world coverage in the near future. Cheers and Happy 2023!

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