*New* TCA side stick Xbox/PC

  • So the *new* TCA side stick, compatible with Xbox and PC came in today and found something I didn't know about it. In order to get sound from your PC to your speakers, you have to plug the speaker jack into the front of the side stick instead of your sound card on the back of your PC. Sound is routed from your PC, through the sticks internals out to your speakers. Bit of a head scratcher at first but easily figured out.

  • douglas55

    Changed the title of the thread from “1080p” to “*New* TCA side stick Xbox/PC”.
  • You dont need to plug the speakers to the sidestick necessarily.
    It happens because when you plug the joystick for the first time your PC will automatically change the "sound card" in use to the TCA device.
    You just need to change back the sound card in use to the card you were using before plugging the joystick.

    So you can plug for example your prefered wired headset to the joystick. When you would like to have the sound from the speakers (connected to the PC port), just select the proper PC card to have it in the sound icon close to the Windows clock. And when you want to use the headset plugged to the joystick, just select TCA as sound card.
    On MSFS you can use the TCA sound card only for the ATC sounds.

    Talking about the joystick itself, its better than the old only PC compatible model, since now the rudder axis uses a sensor instead of the old model potentiometer.

  • Ah, thats why its that way the sound. Easy fix after work tonight.

    As far as the stick is concerned....

    I was getting tired of the logitech pentiometers in the 3D Pro stick being a bit jumpy. The 3D printed ball mod was an excellent upgrade for it, but I was craving something more smooth, and this *new* airbus stick fits the bill for me. I had one before (the PC only version), but sold it with the complete captains setup I had including the TM headset and rudder pedals. Cant stand having my feet locked onto those rudder pedals, I prefer twist rudder on a stick. Personal preference. ;)

    Update: Sound fixed. Simple mouse click in the drop down sound menu. :thumbup:

    Thank you sir for the advice ;) :thumbup:

  • Welcome! ;)