[Released] Spitfire Mk1a Late for AF4

  • RELEASED Spitfire Mk1a (Late) for Aerofly FS4

    Available for download from http://www.flight-sim.org

    Addon for Aerofly FS4 Disclaimer: This Freeware Aircraft Addon for Aerofly FS4, including all associated files and documentation are supplied as is with no guarantee of any kind. You use entirely at your own risk. Information is not intended for Real World Aviation.

    Credits and Copyright Ownership:

    3D External Model and Texture Art Matthew Ivey

    3D Cockpit Internals and Texture Art Dom Henry

    3D Pilot and Texture Art Bertrand Augras (beber)

    TMD Coding Matthew Ivey & Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Original Sound files by Dan Hopgood

    Dom Henry and I have collaborated on quite a few aircraft projects for X-Plane11, where I created the external model and cockpit shell, and Dom created the cockpit, the sounds and physics. A special thank you to Dom for letting me use his cockpit work, without which it is unlikely the project would have ever been completed

    A special thank you to Bertrand too, for the use of his pilot figures. It’s a difficult thing to create pilot figures that look human without using a lot of polys. He has created a number of these figures, that Dom and I have used in our aircraft and we’re very grateful to him for it.

    Thanks to Dan Hopgood for the use of his Spitfire sound files. The default Corsair sounds just wouldn’t have been as good for this Aircraft Add on, being an In line engine rather than a radial.

    Installation: This assumes you’re familiar with basic file management tasks. If you need more help try asking for help on the IPACS Aerofly forum.

    Extract the files from the zip file and copy the spitfire_mk1a_rnd folder into your user documents aircraft folder. The address will be something like below depending how your machine is set up (where dotdotdot….. will be the name of your computer)

    C:\Users\............\Documents\Aerofly FS 4\aircraft

    The Prototype: The Spitfire needs little introduction to aviation enthusiasts. The Subject of this release is the Mark 1a (Late). Aircraft in Later production runs had features that became standard on later Marks of Spitfire. The Canopy glass instead of having flat sides, with a popout panel, was fully blown, having bulged sides that gave better visibility. Also the Exhaust stacks where of the style that became known as fishtail exhausts. It is a separate and self contained Add On. See Included USER GUIDE for more information.

    Version 1 Released 24th Jan 2023