Dihedral angle 777 in flight

  • quick questions re the 777 and perhaps other airliners. I never really paid attention to this in other sims but noticed a definite increased dihedral angle of wings in flight compared to when on the ground.

    Presumably this is normal, lift would logically push wings upwards compared to when they are producing no lift. That said comparing the 777 in game in flight and photos of the real life aircraft in flight I notice quite a bit more angle up of wings in game. Eye balling this only.

  • The wing flex causes the dihedral angle changes. It depends on the lift produced and the span-wise distribution of the lift and the span-wise mass distribution of the wing. When the wings are full with fuel, like for a typical 777 flight, then the wings also do not flex up as much in flight compared to during landing when that fuel is removed. So keep that in mind, when comparing images, you don't know how much payload they carry for a photo flight or how much fuel is in the tanks when you snap a picture of a plane passing by.

    At the moment the fuel in the wing tanks is not a lot in Aerofly to keep the aircraft below maximum landing mass. That is one reason why the wings can flex a bit more. Once we add fuel and payload to Aerofly the wing stiffness is probably going to need some adjustment. Afterwards this issue is probably going to resolve itself.