Flight line discontinuity between arrivals and approaches

  • Sometimes there is no defined connection in the real world. ATC would then tell you what to do.

    What happens if you push the LOC button on the autopilot mode control panel?

    I’ve already pushed the loc button, and it seems the localizer didn’t engage and there are no lights on the button as well, but if I press the app button, both (the localizer and glideslope) work fine. I dunno, maybe I missed something. :/

    Btw, thanks for the feedback!

  • You can always tell exactly what the autopilot will do by looking at the primary flight display at the flight mode annunciator at the very top. If a white LOC is shown then the localizer mode is indeed armed. The lights on the autopilot panel just show that a button may be pushed again to turn that mode off.

  • Olá, sou muito novo neste tipo de jogo e tenho algumas perguntas sobre ele.

    Só estou me perguntando por que às vezes a linha magenta entre ARR e DEP não está ligada? Isso acontece normalmente?

    E outra pergunta, por que não consigo ativar o modo LOC separadamente sem o modo APP no 787?

    This represents a discontinuity in the route. To work around this problem you must use the autopilot HDG function. Keep an eye on the navigation display so you know exactly where your arrival ends. When the discontinuity is shown on the navigation display, activate the HDG function and adjust it according to the heading that will leave your plane close to the line that represents your approach. At this point you will already be close to the airport. As soon as you reach your approach line through the HDG function, activate the autopilot APP function and the aircraft will intercept the locator and the glide slope, thus completing the procedure if it is ILS. Alignment with the locator will be automatic and it will appear on the PFD screen along with the glide slope. When the glide slope indicator on the PFD starts descending, it means your aircraft is approaching the glide slope. After reaching the glide slope ramp, the aircraft will start an automatic descent to maintain this ramp. Wait for the aircraft to descend to the minimums, turn off the autopilot after that and then control the aircraft manually, trying to maintain the center line until it touches the runway. Don't forget your landing checklist (lights, flaps, landing gear, etc.)

  • In that case, I delete the STAR and I reproduce it waypoint by waypoint.

    I hope that one day there's a cheat/option to artificially link STAR/APPROACH.

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