Aerofly fulltime

  • I think awhile back I stated that I use FS4 99% of the time. That has changed since yesterday, I am now 100% Aerofly usage. After the SU12 update yesterday for MSFS and me using Xbox, it was the final straw, I've had enough. My nephew is coming to p/u the console and I'm done with Microsoft. Tired of the brokeness, constant issues cropping up after every update, I can't deal with anymore. IPACS congrats, I am dedicated 100% to your SIM period ! Love it 👍 :love:

  • Is the MSFS difficulty only with Xbox?

    (I don’t know what to make of all this, an Xbox app isn’t going to be a competitor to the Aeroflys so perhaps it was not stretching the rules too much? Anyway FS4 has everyone happy)

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