A320 v B787 using PS4 Gamepad

  • Is there an issue with the B787 pitch control?

    When I take off in the A320 in manual flight, gain altitude level off the aircraft flies straight and level just fine and the pitch controls using the PS4 gamepad is correct.

    When I do the same using the B787 the aircraft pitches up and flying straight and level requires constant input from the PS4 gamepad to maintain level flight.

    Am l missing something like setting trim for the B787 but not required for the A320 ??

  • Did you leave the auto-trim setting enabled as per default or did you turn that off? The 787 and 777 require manual pitch trim inputs and the auto-trim setting should be kept on so that an long term control inputs are trimmed away over time. The A320 and A380 trim themselves because the fly by wire in these aircraft also change the long term pitch trim value. In the 787 and 777 the pitch trim switches command an internal airspeed trim value, so if you are faster than the airspeed that you trimmed it to then the fly by wire pitches up for you.