[Released] Sopwith 7F1 Snipe for AF4

  • Sopwith Snipe for Aerofly FS 4

    Readme for version 1.0


    Sopwith, with their 7F1 Snipe intended to produce a successor and improvement of their successful Camel Fighter. It had nearly twice the power of the Camel with its Bentley BR2 engine, but it was also a lot heavier so it was not everything that it was intended to be. It did however succeed in removing some of the vices of the Camel that made that a dangerous Aircraft to fly for an inexperienced pilot. Entering World War 1 at the very end it had little impact on the conflict. With some improvements to the Tail and Aileron design it became the main stay of the RAF fighter force until the late 1920s.


    • Custom Aerodynamics
    • Custom Sounds
    • Basic Working Virtual Cockpit
    • Early model with Small Rudder and Ailerons
    • Late model with Larger Rudder, Fin, and Enlarged Ailerons
    • A Collection of Repaints for both models
    • Hand Crank Engine Start from cockpit

    Credits and Copyright Ownership

    Sopwith Snipe 3D model and textures: Matthew Ivey

    Sopwith Snipe 3D cockpit model and textures: Dom Henry

    Pilots 3D model and textures: Bertrand Augras (beber)

    Custom Sounds: Dan Hopgood

    Main TMD programming: Matthew Ivey and Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik (IPACS)

    Fuel and Engine Starter programming: Krzysztof Kaniewski (krzysk)


    Use it at your own risk. The Sopwith Snipe is a freeware product which has been tested on a Windows 10 installation of Aerofly FS 4 version (2023-05-24) and should also work on Mac and Linux versions. Use with VR hands should be supported but is untested. Some features are work in progress and may or may not be extended over time.


    Please extract the downloaded zip file and move the two folders “sopwith_snipe_early” and “sopwith_snipe_late” into your user folder 'aircraft' directory, on Windows: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Aerofly FS 4\aircraft\

    Cockpit Layout


    Left Side