I still have all aerofly versions from ipacs

  • I kept them all when new releases were a major new generation of the sim but lately the new ones are just revenue generation and have little intrinsic merit. I deleted iPadOS 2022 and 2020, I still have 2022 in Android just in case there is some point of interest but I doubt if there will be, 2022 was a notable low reward version.

    I have 3 PC generations.

  • Unfortunately we were forced to remove older versions from the App Store due to Apple guidelines. However, you can always download those versions later on, Apple still allows download of Apps that have been purchased, so we are not taking anything away here from existing customers.

    As for if it's worth to opt for a new version or not it's a very personal decision, however we invested a lot into new aerial images to cover almost all of Europe and we also added a huge amount of highly detailed airports and of course new aircraft that hasn't been in previous versions. As for the next versions that come the amount of data will further grow so we have to decide on how to deliver this to our customers.