Reversing Throttle Axis

  • Go to the assignments, click on the axis that you have assigned for throttle and when the field is highlighted in the menu move the joystick axis in the direction that is indicated. If you click more on the right side it asks you to move it towards full throttle. If you click on the left side it asks you to move it to idle.



  • I was scratching my head trying to work out why this did not seem to be working and then it hit me. 8|

    Low powered plane (PA-38) at KRNO (4410 feet) was always going to struggle so relocated to San Diego and all works perfectly. Another very accurate representation of altitude and engine power, thanks IPACS. :thumbup:

  • I have forgotten how to reverse the throttle axis on my TCA Airbus stick. When I move the slider up it just decreases speed rather than increases it. Could someone please help me with this thanks. ?(

    To reverse the throttle axis on your TCA Airbus stick, access your flight simulator's control settings and look for the option to invert or reverse the throttle axis. This should solve the issue, allowing you to increase speed when moving the slider up.