Low altitude fps / setting

  • Hi

    I recently got into FS4 and I enjoy it a lot. I'm having great FPS in VR except for the helicopters at low altitude (few hundred feet and below). Framerate seems to drop significantly below certain point. I'm mostly been flying at Helsinki Finland area with EC135.

    I wonder if there's any setting in files (can't find one in the menus) that would eg. drop the draw distance when low enough. To me it seems the sim is rendering scenery very far + the more detailed scenery near while at low altitude. I believe the draw distance or the quality of the scenery far away could very well be dropped as you can't see it anyhow when low enough.

    Thanks for this great sim.

    i7 6700K / 32GB / 2070 Super 8GB / Oculus Rift S / Windows 10