Aerofly 10 - Mac / STEAM problems creating an account.

  • HI.

    Have been using Aerofly9 that I downloaded from the Apple store for quite some time now. Really enjoy it.

    Just noticed Aerofly10 is out via some crazy game platform. Excuse my old mind. Any ideas why STEAM is impossible to set up a new account? Won't get past the CAPTCHA portion. Everything matches, then I hit enter and it just resets itself. ??

    Curious if Aerofly10 will be coming to the Apple store for easier download and playing?


  • As far as I know new captchas work a lot different then they used to. They know you are human from your browsing history or IP. Try using a different browser and if you have any Addons in your browser like adblockers or script blockers consider temporarily disabling them. Also make sure there are no fields that you have not filled in yet. Sometimes there is an error with one of the data fields and when you proceed with the captcha it does not advance because data still needs to be entered. It is not necessarily the captcha that is incorrect.

    That being said if you have issues with Steam please contact the Steam support. Steam is developed by Valve and not by us. We use Steam because it is very popular and because we can easily publish updates for the users which automatically get distributed. No more manually checking for updates, downloading and installing them. It's much more user friendly.