Courchevel LFLJ ILs auf Landebahn 4, besser 22

  • Hello,

    I landed in Courchevel yesterday at dusk. No lighting, no ILS. The runway is difficult to find but brilliantly recreated, it's really fun to land (Learjet) and take off here. Now my request: Courchevel runway 22/4 has neither lighting nor ILS, but you have programmed an ILS frequency (100.5), which I think is good, otherwise the airport is really difficult to find. However, for runway 4. This approach is actually impossible because coming over the summit you glide to the runway in free fall and then have to brake at an 18.5% gradient. The approach to 22 is tricky enough, but easily doable with an 18.5% gradient. If you could control it directly via ILS it would be perfect.

    Btw, when is Lukla Tenzing-Hillary coming?

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    I tried Courcheval in the 172 and after a GO BACK 10 SECONDS I could not establish my position and the nav aids made no sense. I was over Ambri a hundred miles away!

    My Courcheval in the iPad has 04 and 22 back to front on the nav page, seriously undesirable IPACS friends. The runway has no painted direction numbers.

    Entschuldigung, dass ich die verwendete Sprache geändert habe. (Google translate, sorry if it says something rude🤭)