Feedback on Aerofly FS Global Version 1.0.16

  • Dear Aerofly FS Global Development Team,

    I trust this message finds you well. I really appreciate the continuous efforts to enhance the mobile flight simulation experience.

    After thoroughly testing the latest release, version 1.0.16, I wanted to share my feedback.

    I am using an iPhone 13, with 256GB, German/European Version. I am running the Game on (in my opinion) a very stable WiFi connection.

    I have bought all add-ons, like the global scenery and additional aircrafts (although I have not downloaded all of them onto my device).

    I have still disabled all airplane traffic, set the clouds to low, limited the frame rate and - although it probably doesn’t help much - disabled flight info, landmark showing, etc. I set the pixel density to 100%, though always changed it back to 60-80% when my device started to become warm (over highly populated areas or airports).

    The reduction in RAM usage by minimizing 3D buildings has significantly improved performance. At smaller airports like Innsbruck, Wellington, and Geneva the simulator runs super smoothly, and the device maintains a super cool temperature.

    However, I have observed (only a few) challenges when flying at larger airports such as Dubai, Frankfurt, or JFK in New York. The simulator has become laggy 2-3 times, experiencing FPS-drops and causing the device to become quite warm. While the issues from the previous version have been largely addressed, I encountered a crash approximately 4h minutes into a flight from Frankfurt to Dubai (roughly 100nm away from the destination) when piloting a 747-400.

    On a positive note, the push-back truck no longer triggers app crashes, and loading into heavily populated areas like Frankfurt or New York is now stable. I appreciate the strides made in improving these aspects.

    I would like to inquire if there is room for further optimization, particularly the possibility of reintroducing some 3D buildings in less populated areas. This could potentially enhance the in-game experience, especially for iOS devices with 4GB of RAM. I understand the delicate balance between graphics and performance and prioritise a stable gaming experience over extravagant visuals.

    I want to express my gratitude for your dedication to refining Aerofly FS Global. Your ongoing commitment to addressing user feedback ensures the continued success of this fantastic flight simulation app. Should you require additional information or insights, please feel free to contact me.

    Best regards

  • bernettalert : Thank you for your detailed report. Getting Aerofly FS stable on device with <= 4 GB is a challenge. We have to sacrifize visual quality for stability and it greatly depends on the region where you fly.

    Anyway, we have currently a new beta version which can be openly tested. It's available using the free Apple app called TestFlight. If you want to opt into the beta version, please use this link.

    In this version we have reduced the memory requirements when new data is loaded and we also optimized memory usage at very complex airports. It should improve stability quite a bit. With our iPhone 13 we haven't seen any crashes in and around Frankfurt, Heathrow and Dubai so far.

  • admin I appreciate your prompt response to my previous feedback. After testing the new beta version using TestFlight, I wanted to share my observations and thoughts.

    In populated areas and airports like New York, Frankfurt, Sydney, Dubai, Istanbul, London, Glasgow, and Dublin, I experienced no app crashes, and the frame rate remained stable at 30 FPS. Although there were occasional drops to 22-24 FPS when taxiing around highly detailed airports like Frankfurt, the device temperature remained normal.

    I encountered a minor issue in the main menu where I couldn't activate or restore the purchased global scenery. However, this seems to be a common experience among users testing the beta version (and may be intended), and it did not affect loading into new areas like Dubai or Sydney.

    I've also noticed - whilst it may already have been a new feature in the previous version - a significant increase in the number of available starting positions at various airports. This enhancement has added a great level of flexibility and variety to the flight simulation experience. It allows users like myself to choose from numerous spots/areas when starting the plane, offering a more diverse and dynamic approach to flight planning. Thank you!

    I wanted to share this positive experience with you, although you can probable gather information about the game's performance from users participating in the TestFlight app for beta versions.

    Additionally, I'd like to inquire about future optimizations, specifically regarding less populated areas. Are there plans to reintroduce some auto-generated buildings, power lines, etc., to devices with 4GB of RAM to enhance the overall visual experience?

    Moreover, I would like to propose two features that could enhance the overall realism and user experience:

    1. Dynamic Weather Options: Adding the ability to set weather conditions (clouds and wind) to random or even including a live weather option would bring a new layer of realism. Introducing weather variations such as rain, snow, strong winds, storms, and really heavy clouds could provide pilots with new challenges and immerse them further into the simulation. The inclusion of windshield wiper functionality could add to the authenticity of adverse weather conditions.

    2. ATC Communication: Implementing a feature for users to communicate with Air Traffic Control (ATC) through text, microphone, or just having dialogues for take-off, landing, and pushback clearances would significantly enhance the simulation experience. This addition would introduce a new layer of immersion with background noise, especially when flying in the cockpit, contributing to a more realistic flying environment.

    Thank you for your continuous efforts in improving this game, and I appreciate your consideration of these insights

    Best regards

  • Thank you for your detailed report. We will soon make this version public if no further negative feedback is coming in.

    Version 1.0.19

    Ipad 9, all settings in minimal, device restarted.

    I managed to enter once with the 737-900. (RWY 27 L) Then I tried push back, it crashed. Then here with the 739-900 it always crashed even after a restart. Pushback works with A320 at Heathrow.

    The push back works with the 737-900 in Zurich and Barcelona. It does not work in Hamburg and Paris.