Using configuration editor to strengthen wings

  • Hi there - I've modified the Katana a fair amount (it is electric, faster etc), but it is capable of tearing itself apart in high G manoeuvres. In particular, the wings rip off easily:

    wing fail

    I've had a look at the configuration settings for "Joint Fuselage Left/Right Wing" - and played with them but without success. Does anyone know which of "Kfx,y,z", "Dfx,y,z", "Ktx,y,z". "Dtx,y,z" I need to modify and what the values would be for a fairly indestructible plane :)

    Thanks very much,


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    None of the values mentioned actually define the maximum force.
    Please make sure that you have the expert mode enabled. If you don't see a ForceMax and TorqueMax value then you will need to open your modified aircraft files with a text-editor and change the values there.

    Your aircraft mod should be located at C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\aerofly RC 10\aircraft_mod\ inside of a katana subfolder. Open the katana__000.tmd (or 001, etc.... if you have made more than one) with a text editor. We recommend the freeware program Notepad++ for this. Then find the joints for the wings and increased their ForceMax and TorqueMax values. Then save the file and reload the aircraft or restart your Aerofly RC.