Flight around the Mediterranean Sea

  • Taking advantage of the possibilities of FS Global, I am now trying a flight around the Mediterranean Sea, which was carried out by Antal Bánhidi and Tibor Bisits in 1933 with a Hungarian-built biplane Gerle13, HA-AAI. You can read a few lines about this aircraft here:

    Bánhidi Gerle - Wikipedia

    Preparing the route required careful work. Due to the prevailing west-east wind direction at the time, they chose a counter-clockwise flight direction. The route led through 14 countries and covered a distance of 12,500 km. Flight and landing permits, fuel and oil refueling facilities had to be obtained from the respective countries. The route maps formed a strip 25 cm wide and 15 m long.
    The actual flight data can be seen here:

    The previously calculated flight time was 100 hours. Antal Bánhidi wrote that he himself was amazed at the accuracy, he was only wrong by 22 minutes.

    In the navigation menu of the simulator, I created the path in two parts. The first is Budapest Oran.

    The second is Oran-Budapest. The Cairo-Birket Karun-Cairo route is missing from the plan.

    They flew through this valley between Klagenfurt and Udine.

    And finally a bug report. I found a level error between Oran and Algier. I'm still using version 1.00.16, I don't know if this bug exists on newer versions as well. Jet-Pack (IPACS)

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  • I call that a great idea.:thumbup::)

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