• Jet-Pack (IPACS)


    I know many American airports exist, but since it is such an enormous and diverse country with many major cities, can more airports please be added? I've flown into the newly-generated KORD but I'd like to have more airports in the area:

    -KMSP: I live fairly close to this airport and I've flown with Aerofly for 8 years so something like this would be much appreciated. I know the devs are based in Tuebingen, so it would be nice to fly near to there by flying direct from KMSP-EDDF, which is a new route which will launch in June. Also, the STARS require manual vectoring to enter the ILS beam since all of them end early, similar to LSGG, which creates a unique and interesting operation which requires multiple manual heading vectors.

    -KATL/KRSW: Large airports in the American South

    -KDFW, KIAD, KMCI: Other large hubs

    -KDTW: Another large hub

    Anything other than those doesn't really need to be added in the US since most regional airports have tiny terminals anyway.

    Kind regards and safe flying.