737NG cabin altitude warnings - help!

  • So i thought i did everything right, but this time im in cruise with the MAX and i just can’t seem to get rid of the cabin altitude alert. I’ve been fiddling with the packs and ISO valve but none of them seem to remove the warning. Tutorials and PMDG website hasn’t helped, although i fixed the same issue on the NG before, can’t remember how. Help!

    Edit: i set the cruise altitude while still on the ground as well and that obviously has done something

  • Please check that the ENG BLEED is set ON for both engines and that the PACK switches are in the normal position, not OFF. Check that the pressurization mode selector is on normal and not ALTN or MAN. The isolation valve should be on AUTO but it doesn't really matter as long as both engines are running.

    The warning will continue to sound as long as the cabin altitude is above 10,000ft unless you press the mute button in the overhead panel next to the pressurization controls.