Handtracking Quest 3

  • Good evening,

    I am playing around with a Quest 3 and have the problem that handtracking interferes with my throttle (I use a physical throttle, which happens to be positioned close to the real throttle)

    I did not find a setting to disable handtracking or VR hands completely. Is it possible?



  • I have also a Meta Quest 3, that is a cool device.

    i think it need a button to toggle handtracking on/off, or exclude thrust,pitch,roll,yaw in fs4.

    meta have a option if input stickts clap together, handtracking goes on and a button press enable default input.

    in meta options handtracking can be disabled from automatic goes on.

    currently i download FS4 ... and will test VR for sure.

  • somehow i would be happy if the meta quest 3 just act as view to look around.

    the transition from quest hardware controller to hand tracking is no fun.

    the sim shound only start with hand tracking (without stupid mapped quest hardware controller)

    i tested vr mode with virtual desktop streamer app at pc and virtual desktop app at quest 3.

    the feeling to look around in cockpit is fantastic. the usability generally could be much better.

    (remark for virtual desktop, there we can assign a toggle key to switch into vr mode.)

  • got a bit more experience with steam vr and virtual desktop streamer

    i managed to put the meta quest 3 controller beside and just use my hands to control the air plane.

    (with controller in hand i had minimum to reconfig the controller input in steam vr that it is better assigned.)

    if we hide the yoke it should be possible to control the plane with hardware joystick,

    my trust lever is on the left ...

    even i got also ms flightsim from ms store (non steam version) run with virtual desktop streamer and meta quest 3 headset.

    they have all in common to enable the vr view first that we see a rectangle or dual view (both eyes) at pc

    which is streamed to the vr headset hardware running receive app there.

  • i can put my hand (controller) on desktop and use the hardware joystick (Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One Joystick für Xbox One/Series X|S & Windows)

    and somehow the mouse if it stay visible. (somehow the mouse was hide forever)

    here are a few screenshot from quest 3 with use of virtual desktop software at both ends.

    (interact with desktop and handtracking can be checked too.)

    my steam controller settings:

    left Controller
    Menu as key for Menu
    X as key change view
    Y as key change view category (outside, cockpit, etc.)

    right Controller
    A as key reset view!
    B as key back

    the other touch and turn gestures i let as was pre-configured.

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