• How do we change the brightness of the numbers in a 'texture_animation_numeric_display' ????

    I have tried, display_light and display_source_light and even display_illumination but the numbers remain a mid grey. The texture from where the numbers come from are pure white on a pure black background. I can change the brightness of the background image lighting in the rigidbodygraphics for the display which uses the same texture map and once again are pure white on a pure black background. Tried a luminance entry in the 'texture_animation_numeric_display' but the 'BIG RED CUBE' spat it back at me, nasty little barsteward it is :saint:

  • The brightness is not adjusted in the texture_animation_numeric_display but in the InputLuminance of the geometry object that that particular UV part of the texture is assigned to. So find the object that you are painting on and change the input luminance for the geometry. If you are rendering into the color map, then the luminance has no effect of course. Then you need to work with the texture background color, ambient texture and the display source colors that you are using to draw the numeric display with.

    Also check the ClearColor of the texture animation. The texture that you are rendering to is first cleared with that color. You can use a texture to clear the background using the animation rectangle (look for objects like LCDBackground for example in other aircraft).