Controversial Airport Question

  • afternoon, I have a controversial question.

    This country is currently receiving a lot of bad press but they have arguably one of the nicest approach paths in the European and Mediterranean region, we also have their ElAl 739 aircraft so it would make sense and that’s Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Int. I went there a good few times for business and I would love to have this great airport available. Also if we’re going to get it perhaps add all the Greek popular islands such as Mykonos, Santorini, Zakynthos and corfu! I feel adding this region of the Med would be a great addition to the European/meditation region as right now we can only fly to southern Italy and Albania and then it’s just non 3rd airports.

  • I remember this, airport creation, being discussed some time ago and here is a quote from my beloved Master.<3<38o

    'The airport tool is an online editor but at the moment it is in a closed testing phase.'

    This was June 2023 so maybe the testing is going slower than expected.