Alternative autogen trees option in ipad version

  • Hi,

    First thx once again to the IPACS team for this wonderful simulator... I'm flying PC and Ipad version both, just a suggestion/question: it would be great to have the option to switch on or off the autogen tree vegetation in the IPAD version: i understand that for performance reason trees autogen is not so great in IPAD version, but some users like me would appreciate as an option, even if the performance goes down, the wonderful PC trees autogen version: it is a little bit sad to fly overs this "no relief" vegetation photoscenery.... Just a suggestion ;)

    Thx you and best regards !!!

    From LSGS, Sion, Herve

  • I have an ipad mini 1st gen, and although trees would be incredible, I hope that they wouldn't stop me from being able to use the game. If trees on the game made the game take up more memory, that would also be bad news for people who have devices with smaller memory capacity. I hope you can find a find a way to make trees and further detail work for everyone, as it would perfect the game and is a superb idea!