Ikarus poor service

  • Well, absolutely not what I've notised.
    Not being able to start Aerofly 7 on the iMac, a solution was given within the hour or so.


  • I'm with you. They were once very dilligent about their support and had a US phone number that worked. The only people I have spoken to this year were strictly sales. I bought rc 7 a month ago and installed it on a new laptop using the dreaded Win 8. Really ran well until I stupidly answered the request to upgrade to 8.1. USB not recognised...code 43. I'm using the old SE commander but that shouldn't matter. I was working on the problem with a remote Geek Squad tech who some how got a hold of IKARUS or a list and said they have another controller that will work. They had no plans to apply a fix for this problem in 8.1. Besides no manual and the fact they use a third party for ordering and payments I'm not even sure the download link works for another copy. I paid for the 24 mos. option of unlimited downloads but saw something about link will expire on 2/24/14!! What is going on? My only plan now is to roll back to win 8 and re-install it. Anyone have any info on this??

  • josema,

    we understand you are frustrated, but please don't start a flame-war here.

    The missing Product-Key on the disc is definetly something that should not have happened. We will check with IKARUS if that was an exceptionel case.

    We will support you, but please describe in detail what you current problem is and maybe provide us with the person you have been in contact.

    Its fastest if you could send us an email at mail (at) ipacs.de, this is quicker than communicating through the forum.

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  • A shame, that people capable of making such good quality software, are not more agile in regards to attending customers, and if you attempt to call them, then all you will hear when calling at their specified contact number is a message in German from a machine, like if they were not selling internationally, and like if German where one of the most spoken languages, needless to say all I could do not being able to speak German was to put the telephone down, and by now, still no answer to my e-mail from yesterday wich included a picture of the blank disc, proving all they had to do was to send by e-mail the product keys ........ I thought that those kind of things only happened in my country ....

    I never had a problem with support by Aerofly's developers. As for your remark about the language: Mandarin is the native language of 14.1 % of the world's inhabitants, English comes third with only 5.52 % and German is admittedly only the mother tongue of 1.39%. Do you speak Mandarin?

  • Hi Harald, in regards to the mandarin language, If I where having a chinese company with many many customers from abroad, I for sure would not have an answering machine in mandarin, in the sure knowledge that most of my customers will not understand it, pure common sense, they should have the answering machine set first with a choice of language ( if german pulse 1, if english pulse 2 .... )

  • Hello Josema,
    maybe we have not expressed ourself clearly enough:
    Please send us an Email to mail (at) ipacs.de and we will help you regarding this issue. The only reason you should explain something in the Email is the fact that we need to know the Email we receive is related to this Posting.

  • Hello José,

    Did you try to contact Ipacs directly via e-mail? The e-mails you attached were send to Ikarus...

    On what time of day did you contact the ikarus support via telehone? I guess time shift is no big deal between Spain and Germany, but it could be a reason no one was there.

    Have you tried changing the write permissions of the installation folder of the aerofly RC7 and the user-folder of the RC7?

    What is your operating system? Windows: Have you tried to launch the RC7 with administration rights? (Rightclick on the link and select "Run as Administrator")

    Could problems with your internet connection or a antivirus software be a cause?




  • Before this gets out of hand:
    We have now contacted josema direct via Email and we will resolve this issue this way. Contrary to the initial Posting, IKARUS has already sent a replacement Product-Key.

    We have also removed some of his posting, they included personal data and his new Product-Key, these things should not be readable in our forum, we hope this is in the interest of our customers.

  • Fortunately, someone wise understood that I am just a honest customer and finally sent the codes, so now everything is working perfectly allright.

    Not being my intention to cause any harm to a company and the people that make it possible, I now believe that a Mix of the Devil himself with a language misunderstanding (plus very very very likely some mistakes at the ikarus sales office) almost got this out of control.

    I prefer to believe that everything will be OK in the future and since it would not be fair to have all this shown here for any longer, I will erase as much of the (very) acid posts I have written and allow if I can not do it the administrators to completely erase my thread.

    Good flight to everyone and really hope to contribute positively with the fórum and its members .......

    Jose Manuel from the Canary Islands .......