What would people like to see in future updates of aerofly?

  • What would you like in future updates? 16

    1. More planes (10) 63%
    2. Bigger map (6) 38%
    3. Even better graphics (8) 50%
    4. More realistic physics (8) 50%
    5. Challenges (2) 13%
    6. Multiplayer (8) 50%
    7. More view angles (1) 6%
    8. Different vehicles e.g helicopters/airships (6) 38%
    9. GPS system and map inside plane (6) 38%
    10. Smaller file size (2) 13%

    Please select up to 3 options for what you would like to see in future updates! This is for the benefit of the aerofly team to help them bring out a new update of an already fantastic game!

  • The most important thing to me is to please please please include a setting to allow the end user the option of disabling the in game achievements and at the very least being able to turn down or off the high volume fanfare sound!
    This sound at the extreme volume it comes over at - would almost cause hearing damage when one has headphones on and volume up to enjoy the realism of the sims sound files whilst enjoying a flight!
    With every flight being interrupted by multiple unwanted high volume achievement sounds telling me that I have taken off or have achieved a certain speed or an inside loop or blinking whatever really spoils all the realism of the flight - is it a sim or an arcade game???
    C'mon guys!