My Post #1000: Stobel V2 - new user aircraft for free download

  • Hello everyone! Its story time :D

    5 years ago I signed up for this forum. First I started downloading user-aircrafts for the old aerofly Professional Deluxe (AFPD), put them on a USB stick and visited my friend who was also into RC-Planes and I installed them on his AFPD so that we could fly them together. That was a lot of fun so I decided to create my own aircraft for the AFPD simulator. I learned how to use the modeling software Metasequoia and made all kinds of different aircrafts which I could not afford in real live :D I was getting better at flying but most of it was just for fun. Some aircraft I even uploaded to and later onto my own website: ASH 31 Mi, Multiplex Mentor, PC-21, Stobel V2 and the Steigeisen F3K.

    Then the aerofly5 was released but it took some time until I could afford my own copy of it. It was running OK on my laptop but of course it was running much better on my friend pc. :p And of course I could not live without my own aircraft in the aerofly5 :D
    So I jumped into the cold water and experimented a lot. Nobody had every created a user-aircraft for the aerofly5 back then. But there where some similarities that both sims shared.
    What I did was trying to get the simplest of all of my aircraft to work in the aerofly5, the Stobel V2. It did not took very long but the aircraft looked terrible :D So I redid the textures. And then I started to make the flight behaviour realistic. That took just about a YEAR :D In the meantime I modified some exisiting aircraft and really increased my knowledge by doing so. I met awesome people in the multiplayer and we talked a lot via Skype. It was back then where I discovered the first problems with setting up aircrafts and also some bugs in the aerofly5. I went ahead and reported them to the IPACS support. The developers themselfs answered! And I became a beta-tester for the aerofly5...
    Due to the close contact to the developers I learned a lot about the aerofly5. I started my second big project for the aerofly5: the ASH-31 Mi. It should be a TrueScale aircraft but soon I also started to create a 8.4m model of it because apparently it took only little efford to get the aircraft scaled down. Because I am a real glider pilot I knew somewhat how the ASH-31 should behave in the sky. So I adjusted its flight behaviour over and over again.

    With all that knowledge and experience we I could help Danny Dr.Dumbthumbs Young to modify the the Katana unlimited [YouTube video of us flying]. He flew this aircraft in real life and I was the one who knew how to make that behaviour possible in the aerofly. It was a great team work and we were pretty satisfied with the result. We even send IPACS a copy and let them test it. And they did add it to the simulator! That was pretty cool and a great honor for us!

    And then I started to go a step further. A new update for the aerofly5 just came out which gave us instruments. And with instruments I was able to do crazy things... Taking the altimeter and hooking it to the elevator... OK that works. Thats awesome! What else... ah I can messure the distance an aircraft rolled on the ground... Cool :D One thing after the other went like a charm. I programmed the first autopilot in one evening. The next day I started to create the automated towing planes. I knew I was the only one (back then) who made such a thing possible! Even the developers could not believe there eyes :D.

    With the new aeroflyFS just released I quickly adjusted the aerofly5 ASH-31 and made it fly in the new simulator. For a very long time this was the only free avaiable add-on for the simulator. And the demand was and still is very large. Today the download page of my ASH-31 Mi for the aeroflyFS has almost 22,000 visitors (not just clicks...)!

    Moving on in time... the aerofly FS version 1.2 and aerofly RC 7 were released and suddenly my aircraft were not comatible with the newer aerofly :/ But after some time I sat down again and fixed the aircrafts. Today I have the most important aircraft converted to the aerofly RC 7: The ASH-31 glider, the auto-towing planes, some modifications and now the Stobel V2 which I uploaded some hours ago here in this forum: <- Download ;)
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    I want to thank you all for the great community and the kind feedbacks! It makes a lot of fun to be able to help you and to hear your thoughts and comments and I enjoy it a lot to be a part of this forum.
    Many thanks to all the other free developers (and moderators!) who make great looking repaints, astonishing scenery, cool new aircrafts and who make the forum alive!

    A big shout out to: Sven, Martin, Karl-Heinz, Arthur, Niko, Hans-Wonner, Joachim (and a lot more... I'm afraid I can't list all of you)!

    Thank you IPACS for 5 years of amazing support and for the improvments to the aerofly simulators. I am really looking forward to the next aeroflyFS version! Its going to be awesome, I know it :D

    How about someone else tells his/her story on how they got here aswell? :)

    Have a great day or night,

  • hello,
    very good job.
    congratulations and encouragement!

    Jean-Pierre aria

  • Jan, I must admit that aside from Aerofly being a great sim; it is your wonderful efforts that have really made it spectacular. All of your models have been in my favorites list since A5 and the ASH-31 was one of the biggest reasons to get AFS + a proper stick controller :) Congrats on your 1000th post and thanks so much for sharing your story, which is a interesting as the models you've made.