• Are you sure this was sent out to everyone? I think it was just the sdk update and in that text innsbruck was mentioned, I could be wrong though. Don't remember getting such an email, even though I do have the Steam product installed.

    I think that mail he is talking about came from Orbx...?

  • oh you are right. Subject was "sdk" not "lowi", sorry for the confusing element.

    point is: I found that so cool.

    how it connects to the airplane thing:

    i can not remember any other software developer ever asking users for their choice,

    that is why i brought it up. would be cool too, purely marketing-related.

    e-mail with html survey button and you capture a whole customerbase' pinpoint opinion in seconds.

  • forgot one of my top-favourites for the wishlist: the C-130 Hercules. with all functionalities and in the most spectacular

    versions, from Coast Guard to Gunship-variants). Omg, i love this plane. And everybody has it, the greeks, the austrians, north america,

    latin america, south pole. This plane deserves to be looked at.

  • For a new sim, an new Aircraft. Pilatus PC-24 Bizjet. This will be an awesome plane to fly, only needs around 3000ft of runway and can handle dirt. Join GA Aircraft at picturesque locations or mix with the big guys at international Airports.

    For now, very happy with the offerings so far.

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