BUG: Clouds Twitching/Flickering

  • Updated to the latest version of the beta (v3.36) and now notice that I'm getting twitching/flickering clouds as shown in this video...


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  • We do not observe this issue on our side. Can you please check if you have the latest update installed on Steam? Check that you are not offline with your Steam client and that you can access the internet. We fixed an issue with the clouds, so the current version should not should this effect.

  • Yeah I can also confirm I'm having this in both VR and Normal mode using EA3.36 while above,below and co-altitude with the clouds. As Tailwheel mentioned it seems to be related to clouds that are near the aircraft.

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  • I get a single twitch in similar cloud when panning the cockpit view. From the outside view I can get a double twitch but it remains smooth and perfectly stable after the twitch/s until panned again.
    Same version of Aero FS 2,
    Pentium G3258 CPU (2 core, no hyperthreading) overclocked at 4.3 GHz,
    GTX 950 strix graphics card overclocked to peak at 1550 speed.

  • Actually, I don't know if this is related to the same cloud bug, but I have also noticed cloud textures suddenly changing position completely (similar effect to FSX when it receives a weather update and repositions cloud textures to match).

  • To clarify, I was referring to the original issue that started this thread, of the clouds twitching/stuttering. This appears to have been fixed. With regard to clouds suddenly changing position, I did not notice this happening again on the test flights I did since the latest update. However, what I did notice was an occasional small change in lighting, almost too small to notice and almost like shifting shadows. At first I thought it was the clouds jumping position again, but they remained in place the next time I saw it occur.