Shimmer on objects in VR!

  • Shimmer is present on objects, airport markings and distant mountains views. Tried various settings of antialiasing and anisotropic filtering in Nvidia control panel and NV inspector with no effect or betterment what so ever. I am on a 1080 GTX, I7 3930 and Win10. Otherwise latest Nvidia 375.63 driver seems to improve frames! ...perhaps in the next update we can have more detailed and advanced graphic tweaking options available for advanced users to experiment with! :D

  • I usually adjust the Antialiasing and Anisotropic filters (maybe 8xQ and 16X or so) in every flight sim I use (FSX/P3D,DCSWorld, WarThunder,etc) and found it amazing that Aerofly FS2 looked really fine on my system - without any adjustments - especially in Oculus VR with Render Scale at 1.5. I wonder if FS2 just sets some of the graphics options as default - and maybe overrides any attempt by the user to set them either with the Nvidia Control Panel or Nvdia Inspector.