IPACS - We Need Instructions for creating a Preview Image for user repaints

  • I have checked that I do indeed have the most recent versions of all files made available for repaints.

    1. What are the steps needed to update or create a Preview file to show new user made repaints in the Aircraft Selector?
    2. Where is the model.tmc file used in the repaint process?
    3. How do I gain access to stock repaints so I can simply change the Registration number from one country to another? Just the ones that are included in the repaint workshop folder.

    4. I haven't figured out how to use the Aircraft converter program. I get a blue box but I don't know how to specify the aircraft, location, folder, files, etc. needed to convert.
    5. How do we share completed aircraft repaints?

    6. Is it possible to update the Registration Numbers on the VC panel. Only one stock aircraft has the correct matching number for all the repaints of that aircraft? It would be better not to have a number shown on the VC than to have an incorrect number.



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