Size limit of the scenery made with GeoConverter?

  • I am trying to make a Italian Alps scenery with GeoConverter.

    Coordinate: N46.00 E7.00, n45.50 E8.00.

    Download resolution: 0 (0.5m)

    Size of BMP files made with FSET: 36GB

    Computer memory: 16GB

    When I ran GeoConverter, it crashed in the middle of the conversion, and reported running out of memory.

    I reduced the level from 14 to 10, but it still crashes.

    Then I downloaded the BMP files with resolution 1 (1m) for the same coordinate. The download size is 9GB. And GeoConverter succeeded!

    So what's the limit of the scenery size? Is it the same limit for different download resolution? Say the limit is 10GB downloaded BMP files, regardless whether it's 05m or 1m resolution?

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    There is no limitation to the size of scenery created with the tool. During testing I ran a scenery that was 182GB and though it tool a while to complete it didn't crash. The PC that I ran it on has 16GB memory.

    We can't say with certainty right now if there is a bug in the tool that causes a crash (which there may be and was missed) , but when running the tool please make sure that nothing else is running on the PC and don't do anything else on the PC while it's running as well.

    We will continue to receive user feedback and look into it more.

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  • Progress:

    The conversion of the 50cm 36GB BMP files went through, when I just keep level 14 and deleted other levels in the TMC file. But when put into AFS2 user scenery folder to start, it's not shown. The sim still used the default senery.

    I then deleted only level 9, and kept level 11-14. The conversion succeeded. This time it was shown when the sim started.

    So I am still confused how this "level" works. Is a certain level (level 9?) absolutely necessary? Why does it not work if I only had level 14, since it's the level of the highest detail? Can the sim use level 14 on the ground, at 1000 feet, 5000 feet, 10000 feet, and other altitude? I think FSX work this way using only one level for all altitude.