Now that we see we can make very nice flyover scenery for entire states, what is the optimum levels should we choose?

  • As Dave has successfully mapped the state of Washington at FSET3, and processed at levels 9 and 11 for flyovers at 2,000 feet and higher, then added cities and airports at higher resolutions of level 13 for approaches and level 14 for airports, this seems like an ongoing project.

    My question is why most folks are using level 9 and 11? Why not levels 9 and 10? Would this save some file fize, or memory usage when loading and unloading?

    How about level 10 and 12 for large flyover areas? I suppose there are no clear answers but, if we save our raw download files, we should be able to run our own tests for the perfect balance of file size and acceptable resolutuion.

    I am treating all my work to date as simply tests because of the black rectangles and the lines created near the overlaps and borders.

    While Sycosys is fine tuning his automated tfw file generator for USGS scenery tiles, I am trying to find a somewhat standard block size that can be added to existing blocks to expand my area.

    I like the FSET3 (4 m) size but, I am still uncertain about the perfect resolution area for the base scenery? Would adding level 10 to the suggested level 9 and 11 make a better large scale flyover? Or maybe not worth the additional effort.