• I too have issues with the tool crashing on large converts, however FSET never seems to.

    So currently downloading a huge area, about a quarter of the UK at res 0. It has been dlownloading about 34 hours so far and is currently on tile 270 of 520.

    I figure when done I can at least leave FSET alone a while and just use that whole abundance of images to keep doing smaller converts, and always have a larger image than the TMC files to help with issues some of us have been having.

  • That seems smart. Been trying this meself😉. My problem however is how to combine the smaller areas without strange borders or black lines.
    Do you just choose coordinates that lie within the downloaded massive tile abundance.
    I tried the pyrenees and at level 2 it took me 20 hours of downloading...

    At level 0 this would be 320 hours if Im correct and probably over a Tb in disk space. That is just too much to handle I guess.

    Fset seems very very stable indeed!

    Cheers and good luck!