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    Qantas 10 , I made it using the SDK. It's not perfect. I need to fix up a few things on it, I haven't really worked out how to matchup the connecting segments, once I work out a process that makes that logical Wham Bam, I'll build all the Aus skins


    Runway, Taxiways, Apron finished. Starting on Decals. Then Textures.

    Like to thank, Rodeo and Thomasph for their lessons and inspiration to get going again after stopping in frustration last year.

    I use a different technique to Rodeo as my taxi ways are not usually straight but curved (I don't know what it is with Australian airports).

    1. So I Boolean subtract my Runways out of my outside mesh. This allows you to build cross runways really easily.(Remember: to duplicate the runway you are going to use to cut through the other as one of them will disappear)

    2. Then select your outside mesh, go to sideview and cut the top vertices, and delete the rest and then 0 all heights so they are flat. do the same for the runways.

    3. I then click and trace around all the taxi ways using the polygon, using multiple clicks around corners and curves and less on straights. Take note here, you are not actually tracing the taxi ways but rather the negative spaces, so the grass areas you want taken out.

    So you can do them all at once and merge, or one at a time.

    Important bit. now with the poly layer selected in the hierarchy,

    a: select surface, change to side view, and extrude using your ctrl

    b: select group, fill holes, and move it back down so it cuts through your Outside mesh

    c: flip Normals, what you are looking for is your normals coming out of the side when you look down from a top view

    d: boolean knife and cutaway.

    e: Select Outside first then the poly and merge

    4. Now you can highlight the taxi way using the Surface Tool, cut, paste, rename, done.

    I hope this helps those out there wanting to build their own airports. It's really easy. I might make a video.


    Sorry could someone help me. Where do you find this Material Editor in the AC3D, I have looked everywhere.

    I am using Version 8 and have set the Export function, but can't seem to find where that window is.



    Nope the aircraft was rolling I then tap the brakes but the pedals remain engaged, you see the pedals going in, but they don't come back up again and remain depressed. I think it has something to do with the controller, and the setup in the Controller settings. I will do a screen record tonight and show you what I mean.

    First you see the the line in controller setup is far to the left, but when i press the rudder it goes all the way to right and then back only halfway.

    Second I press the brake in and then select redo. so in reverse. so now when i go to the plane and press the brake it releases and works


    Nope what I was saying, is I can only seem to release them if I set it up in reverse. The other thing i noticed is that when the brakes are set normal (so press to brake) and I put the hand brake on and then off, I can then move but the minute I press the brakes they remain in full brake.


    For some reason all my planes seem to have brakes on full. When I go to the controller setup my rudder pedals are half way and when i press they go full and then back to half.

    but if I press them in and then reset and go back to the plane and press them as if applying brakes the plane rolls.

    So something has happened in an update that's changed my setup.

    They are thrustmaster rudder pedals.


    Yep it is only for PC. And developing scenery for other people is plagued with legalities. you only have to read a few posts on this forum to find out.

    So your only solution my friend is to bootcamp your Mac and run windows on it. Like I have. So i have a Mac Pro 2010. I replaced the Graphics card with a 980GTX, Which allows me to run VR. HTC Vive. Boom. Scenery builds. I don't use Aeroscenery but rather FSET but thats a personal preference.


    Thanks Guys for you responses. I thought at first it was just me as I read nothing of it any where.

    AFS2 is such a great SIM for VR and IPACS is alway saying they will only release something that doesn't hinder the playability of game. Which is interesting because this does. And did the buildings alway have reflections on windows or is that new, because something has suddenly put damper on the Frame Rate.