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    Me neither with the 582 just lots of really beautiful beaches on which to land 'as a precaution in order to prevent somewhat dangerously warmish manifold temps' for a few hours. Of course also part of the solution was to avoid warmish body temps by going for a swim.

    OK, I know we are getting off topic. Still interested in someone making a UL. :)

    I am building a full enclosure for the Ultrastar. Test fitting it in this picture. Lots of work to do still on it.

    I know it well. My solo flight #1 was in a Drifter a long time ago. Kind of reminiscent - the Drifter had a Rotax 582 2-stroke :0 lots & lots of 'precautionary' 'emergency' beach landings :D

    For a short time I had a Kitfox 2 with the Rotax 503. I never had any issues with it.

    This has a Cayuna 35hp engine. I don't know much about it, but from reports, they are a solid engine that preforms well. I just wish it had a dual ignition. No backup ignition makes me a bit nervous. First flights will be right over the field, so it should not be an issue.

    Does anyone here actually make planes for AFS2? I would be willing to pay to have someone whip up an Ultrastar. I just don't have the skills or the time to learn them.

    Is there an easy way to convert planes? It looks like ModelconverterX might work, but I have no clue how to use it.

    I purchased an ultralight and am refurbishing it. It is a Kolb Ultrastar. I wanted to put some time in on the simulator with it over the winter while I am working on it. I can find no real ultralights for FS2. I have tried VR on XP11, but it is making me dizzy. I never had that problem in VR on AFS2, so I would like to switch back to it.

    If anyone can tell me, or help me convert an ultralight from FSX to AFS2, it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks Phil,

    Let me know if I can help in any way. I have 2 3d printers, and access to 2 more. :)


    HP Reverb has a high resolution for a good price, Pimax can be great (for a price) with the wider FOV. Both need a high end GPU...

    I have a 1080 non TI. I can run the other sim at pretty high detail on 3 monitors around 45fps most places, less over cities.

    The lack of clarity, and still having the 'screen door effect' has always bothered me with the Rift. So it does not get used much. I have had my eye on the Pimax for a long time because of the FOV. Never tried one though.

    Hi Phil,

    Long time since I posted here. I am manly using the other sim now, although if IPACS can improve things I will be back for sure. I have also tried that other new one that is out, not impressed so far.

    I still have the G-seat I made based on your design. Have not used it in a while, but it is awesome when I do.

    Anyway, this is a neat setup. I have a whole cockpit setup now, with three monitors, and a Diagma panel, but this makes me almost want to go back to VR.

    Two questions about VR if you don't mind.

    I have the Rift CV1. What should I look for, for an upgrade. Is the Pimax 5k worth it, or would you recommend another.

    How do you set things up so that the position of the instruments, buttons, knobs, etc are in the correct position with relation to VR? Do you have to play with seating position, FOV, etc? I would want to set it up so that when I reach for something in VR, the button or switch is in the correct position.

    Great work on this! I hope it works out for you, and you sell a ton of them.


    How much?

    It was about $1100 in parts as I recall. That was with the vibe system and belts. I would have to go back and figure it up to be sure. I put a LOT of hours into getting it to work, but the next one should be easier. Might be able to do a whole setup for about $1500. Not a firm figure, I would need to calculate it. If I can get another one or two lined up, it would make it worthwhile on my downtime.

    Ah spit40. Just realised you’re also on xsimulator. I love your G-seat BTW. Can you make me one?

    I based my G-seat build on Phil's. I had toyed with the idea of producing to sell, but there was not much interest. My business is not doing great at the moment, so there may come a time that I will have to do something to supplement. Maybe I will give it a try again if there is interest for a few to be made.

    I am using my own setup. I own, and use Transducers with a sound system to give Radio Control planes realistic sound. I have 4 of the transducers on my homemade G-seat. 2 on the back, 2 under the seat. I also have one mounted to the yoke to give vibe to the yoke. I run them off 20 watt per channel amplifiers, with sound split off the main output.

    I fly mainly the Cessna, as that is what my sim cockpit is set up like. Yes, you can feel the vibrations while on the tarmac. The sensation is not overwhelming, but there. I would say more than vibrations from a car without a muffler, but less than a jackhammer. :)

    When I looked a little deeper on the iPad ver 3.4, in the drill down selections under Settings/Air Manager/manual flight simulator > FS2 is not one of the choices and something has to be checked. XP, FSX, or P3D. duh.


    Well, there goes that... I wonder why they have that on the Wiki then. Oh well, worth a shot.

    Well, that would be a real bummer. Like I said, I have not tried it yet. I was pretty excited to see that SimInnovations said it was supported. If it is not supported, no need to figure out a way to do Pilot2ATC. :(

    Michael, I found some of your posts on their forum. Nice simulator you have there!

    Hey all,

    Been a while since I have been here. Some of you may know that I have been working on a Cessna style cockpit using 3 monitors. I have it working on a different sim pretty well. I like the graphics (with the exception of clouds), and performance of FS2 better though.

    I tired for a while to get FS2 working with it, but did not have much luck, especially lining up the front and side windows properly. I am now using a new larger main monitor, and may have more luck, but have not tried yet.

    I see that AirManager supports FS2, that is a must. Another must is Pilot2ATC. After getting the bugs out, I don't think I can fly without it any longer.

    Anyone have any experience with Pilot2ATC that might have an idea to make it work?

    One thing I was thinking was maybe running the other sim in the background, with the lowest settings possible so it does not hit the FPS much, use it for position data at least, then run FS2 for the actual flight. Not sure if it will work, but an idea.

    Brainstormers needed to help me figure something out. :)

    Here is one of the latest videos of the sim, I am pretty much done with it.