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    How much?

    It was about $1100 in parts as I recall. That was with the vibe system and belts. I would have to go back and figure it up to be sure. I put a LOT of hours into getting it to work, but the next one should be easier. Might be able to do a whole setup for about $1500. Not a firm figure, I would need to calculate it. If I can get another one or two lined up, it would make it worthwhile on my downtime.

    Ah spit40. Just realised you’re also on xsimulator. I love your G-seat BTW. Can you make me one?

    I based my G-seat build on Phil's. I had toyed with the idea of producing to sell, but there was not much interest. My business is not doing great at the moment, so there may come a time that I will have to do something to supplement. Maybe I will give it a try again if there is interest for a few to be made.

    I am using my own setup. I own, and use Transducers with a sound system to give Radio Control planes realistic sound. I have 4 of the transducers on my homemade G-seat. 2 on the back, 2 under the seat. I also have one mounted to the yoke to give vibe to the yoke. I run them off 20 watt per channel amplifiers, with sound split off the main output.

    I fly mainly the Cessna, as that is what my sim cockpit is set up like. Yes, you can feel the vibrations while on the tarmac. The sensation is not overwhelming, but there. I would say more than vibrations from a car without a muffler, but less than a jackhammer. :)

    When I looked a little deeper on the iPad ver 3.4, in the drill down selections under Settings/Air Manager/manual flight simulator > FS2 is not one of the choices and something has to be checked. XP, FSX, or P3D. duh.


    Well, there goes that... I wonder why they have that on the Wiki then. Oh well, worth a shot.

    Well, that would be a real bummer. Like I said, I have not tried it yet. I was pretty excited to see that SimInnovations said it was supported. If it is not supported, no need to figure out a way to do Pilot2ATC. :(

    Michael, I found some of your posts on their forum. Nice simulator you have there!

    Hey all,

    Been a while since I have been here. Some of you may know that I have been working on a Cessna style cockpit using 3 monitors. I have it working on a different sim pretty well. I like the graphics (with the exception of clouds), and performance of FS2 better though.

    I tired for a while to get FS2 working with it, but did not have much luck, especially lining up the front and side windows properly. I am now using a new larger main monitor, and may have more luck, but have not tried yet.

    I see that AirManager supports FS2, that is a must. Another must is Pilot2ATC. After getting the bugs out, I don't think I can fly without it any longer.

    Anyone have any experience with Pilot2ATC that might have an idea to make it work?

    One thing I was thinking was maybe running the other sim in the background, with the lowest settings possible so it does not hit the FPS much, use it for position data at least, then run FS2 for the actual flight. Not sure if it will work, but an idea.

    Brainstormers needed to help me figure something out. :)

    Here is one of the latest videos of the sim, I am pretty much done with it.


    It has been a while since I have been around. Thought I would show off the latest with my cockpit build. I am not using Aerofly at the moment, but would LOVE to. There were just some things that I could not work out with AF2. AF2 just looks better and has a MUCH better frame rate, but alas, until some things change, it is not possible. I will keep an eye out for future versions however.

    Upgraded the main monitor, installed a Diagma panel, and other things. Just finishing up on details at this point.

    Sounds similar to the situation I am in. I am building a flight cockpit similar to a Cessna 172 cockpit, so the "side window" monitors are placed 90* from the main. You can edit the head position so the panel is the right size, but this throws the side window positions off. When I try to set the positions of the side windows up, down, forward or back, I get a green band across the screen, like nothing is there.

    There needs to be a way to set the head position for each individual view. So far I have not found a way, and it does not seem possible in AFS2. Other sims do allow this, and it works well. I have not worked on it in a while do to my fathers recent death, but when I get a chance, I will try again.

    Let me know if you come up with anything, and I will do the same. :)


    Thank you all for your heartfelt condolences and prayers.

    I am still in the process of building a scale cockpit. He got to try it out several times when it was 80% done. I was upgrading the main monitor the last time he was up, so he could not get a chance to see it. I was so looking forward to having him see and try the finished project. Unfortunately, that will not happen. He was so impressed by the project, and for all my life accomplishments. I could not have asked for a better father. I have a lot of good memories, I just wish I could have made a few more with him.


    My father had a massive stroke overnight, and passed away this morning. Although he did not have enough of a PC to run Aerofly himself, he loved flying the gliders in VR every time he came to my home. I always enjoyed the look on his face when he actually made a good landing. He will be much missed. I have lost my flying buddy. :(


    i cant help but wonder, why not just do VR and be in the cockpit. You have the hardware to do it.

    VR is nice. I have the Rift, and it is very good, convincing even. The resolution and screen door effect, although better than it used to be, still bugs me. For other VR games, I love it. Loved it for a while for flight sim, but wanted more. I wanted the cockpit feel. Everything working... I know it is a bit overboard. My wife thinks I am nuts. LOL

    Right now I have a yoke, 2 throttle quadrants, rudder pedals, and touch screen (so I can adjust instruments and radio stacks on the screen. I am working on a realistic elevator trim wheel right now. 3D printed all the parts, just need to hook it all up.

    last month I asked for the possibility to 'undock' the moving map so I can hoover it to my 2nd screen, any progress for availability? Thank you.

    I just gave up and went to another sim. As far as I can tell, it just will not work with AFS2, which is a shame. I have the other sim running great now, and a realistic cockpit setup, so I am happy.

    Not sure about the moving map issue though, sorry.


    Am I correct that if the OP could delete the cockpit interior sides of the model, he would get the desired result - that is, he could see the wings and strut but not the doors. I was thinking that could be tried with the DR400 model.

    Dave W.

    Hi Dave,

    Back from a couple days vacation. I am going to give several things a try. I will let you all know how it works out. I really hope I can get something to work with AFS2, the visuals are worth it.

    The setup you want to achieve is currently not possible. The y-value has nothing to do with your position inside the airplane, its just a position on the screen. Using the separate view list all you do is open up new rectangular areas on the screen and show the Aerofly content on it. You can't at this point set the real position inside the airplane, its somethings we would have to program first.

    I see... That is unfortinate. Well, thanks for looking into it. I am off for a several day trip. See you all later.

    I can't believe I am still up at 2:30AM, LOL.

    Thanks for trying it out Dave and confirming you get the same green area.

    I'll just wait and see what the admin has to say. I doubt they will give the 172 info either. If I can move the viewing position for each screen, that should do it. Put the viewing position right at the window on each side and adjust up and down to align the scenery. The visual experience in FS2 would be much better than I am getting now in P3D or XP-11.