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    I want it to cut waste of hd space; as aerofly use photorealistic; run few test to find out what could be the best 19 m mesh display lod; and 7 8 and 10 work out well; 11 was actually not really needed as is for 9.54 resolution data or below; while Italy data are 20 m.

    Ray Thanks for your comments and explanation!:thumbup:

    Now I understand a lot more.

    will do; at the moment 5 m data for Austria are not yet available; it might be prohibitive cost commercial data are already there; but we talk about $$$ $$$ $

    we can always ask Bill Gates; as he like flight simulation; if he is interested to buy for us ??

    Hahaaa! Probably, Bill G. would pay these costs out of his pocket Money!:)


    Hi Jakob;

    thanks for your help

    they all should work together; as Austria is higher resolution mesh than Italy; try rename the Italy mesh as zz_italy_mesh19

    It did work telluride; scenery folders with zz in front of their name such as for example zz_19_m_mesh_italy will load first; this should work if you like put anything above it.

    Thanks for the hint! I did the same and both,

    "Austria 10 Meters Mesh" and "19 M Mesh-Italy" work well together.

    Ray, is there also a possibility to create Austria_mesh with 5M? In a lot of important areas, that would be a fantastic thing.

    When I look at how beautiful canary islands looks with 5M mesh. Very impressive!

    Here is a screenshot: view over Italy to Austria.

    Ray, thank you very much!

    Thanks to your corrections in "19 M Mesh-Italy", is an undisturbed flight over Venice has become possible without uninstalling "19 M Mesh-Italy".

    I have a question about "19 M Mesh-Italy": After the correction, the size of the mesh file has shrunk from 3.57 GB to only 875 MB. Why?

    Then I noticed that in the corrected "19 M Mesh Italy" all "maph_09 _ * ..... tth" and all "maph_11 _ * ..... tth- files" are missing. Does it have a reason?

    Thank you for your help.

    Here is a screenshot above the beautiful Venice without spikes!

    Well, there are two levels to choose. One was easy, one was difficult. Now both are difficult as of the last big update. The spin was this makes it more realistic. I never heard it was too easy.

    I still yearn for a easy to fly R-22. Think green or blue slope vs existing two black slopes.

    Good comparison Ray!

    It sounds to me like someone could use some of those tmd features to add a little stabilization to my R-22. It still rolls over in a heartbeat. It is so bad that I opt for one of the Cessna 152 for slow flying to review scenery. 🤨🙃🧐

    Unfortunately, the same with me! It's no fun anymore to fly with the beloved R-22.:(

    Ray, thank you for your effort to fix these terrible spikes in "19 M Mesh-Italy"!:thumbup:

    I have just purchased all the works you have created for Aerofly FS2 from the Simmarket.

    (Aerofly Austria 10 Meters Mesh, Spain and Portugal 19M Mesh, FS2 Telluride, etc ...)

    Telluride, mainly and in the hope that there as well as in Canary Islands, a very good 5 meter mesh inside.:/

    I have not installed it yet. But I am very curious if "Austria 10 Meters Mesh" harmonises well with the "19 M Mesh-Italy".

    I will report later.

    Regards, Jakob

    nice one!

    but there is only one telluride runway out there as the real one; and that is the one I have made.

    I'm sorry Ray, but I did not understand that now.

    I watched your "AEROFLY FS2 TELLURIDE" in SimMarket and also the YouTube video.

    You have succeeded really well also the terrain mesh looks very good.

    But there is an "Aerofly FS 2 - USA Colorado DLC" from IPACS.

    In that is "Telluride Regional Airport" inside.

    I'm a bit confused right now! Sorry! ?(

    by the way how about sloping runways rather than flatten runways ???

    it complete change the dynamic of your take off and landing; more work involved to get It right

    Yes you are right! I love sloped runways.:thumbup:

    Especially at high altitude airfields, such as Telluride, it is a nice challenge.

    By the way, on your screenshot the plane is on a self-made orhotphoto scenery, in Telluride? Is it true?

    If you do not already have it, IPACS has a beautiful "Aerofly FS 2 - USA Colorado-DLC".

    Beautiful scenery, high altitude airfields such as Telluride, etc. And all for free! :thumbup:

    I highly recommend it to you!

    To watch and download here on Steam:…/?curator_clanid=25048692

    Here are two schrennshots:


    Colorado_Steamboat Springs

    Ray, thank you for your offer to correct these terrible spikes.

    That's great! I appreciate it very much!

    Here are the coordinates of spikes near Venice / Italy.

    Position N45.34_E12.36.

    But, it is not a single spike. As shown in picture below, in the red area, it is a large group of spikes with a height of about 30,000 feet.

    Thank you for your help!

    I too get them at Venice so for now have deleted the mesh.

    Oh dear, too bad Michael! Thank you for your answer.

    Actually, this mesh in the north of Italen, in the mountainous area, works very well.

    Here is a picture near Austrian border.

    That's why I think about what's more important to me.

    But these Monter near Venice look terrible.



    I need your help, please.

    Today I discovered these structures at "19 M Mesh - Italy" near Venice and Caorle. Can you, who installed this mesh, see if it's the same with you?

    I really hate to uninstall this mesh because it works very well.

    What else could I do to get rid of these structures?

    I would be grateful for any help.


    Hello Brunnobellic,

    Thanks for showing the screenshots of your work. It looks very nice. :thumbup:
    Is this just the airport or the whole island of Skiathos?

    Hello Brunnobellic,

    I follow your sceney creations here in the forum. What I've got from you so far is "Asturias airport" and "GCLP gran canaria airport", both have become very beautiful and upgrade the Aerofly FS 2 immensely.

    For that I would like to thank you.

    What I really want to recommend to you, or I ask you even, please create a new thread for all your future creations!

    You still make many very interesting scenery, such as Skiathos, very beautiful Hong Kong, Bilbao, Santiago de Compostela …

    They all needs attention. The AF2 community is eagerly awaiting this information, screenshots, etc....

    Give them the space and attention they need.

    This thread is wonderful, but not necessarily suitable for announcing new creations.
    Here at the very end of the thread, they are not searched and found!

    And is probably not in the sense of Michael ( pmb ), because we destroy his thread with our posts.

    These are my thoughts, what do you say about that?

    Hello Delfin,

    I see brunnobellic answered all your questions in detail!

    Thank you for your very nice words. I only posted the link from Asturias-scenery here. All the tribute goes only to the brunnobellic !:thumbup:

    Best regards, Jakob

    I have also downloaded Vigo Airport (LEVX), but La Coruña Airport (LECO), you have not finished it yet. I have also downloaded the one from Asturias (LEAS), but, of course, without cultivation and photoescenery, these runways offer no interest.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hi Delfin,

    Do you know this beautiful scenery from brunnobellic ?

    "Asturias airport northern spain" Highly recommended!:thumbup:…-northern-spain/#comments

    Best regards, Jakob