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    Thanks Argivo! It's wonderful. Been flying all day! Now after finding out what condition levers are I'll be flying some more😀

    I just have one question. Is the light with battery and generator 1&2 supposed to be red? It won't turn of. I just presumed red is danger...? I saw your video and it's the same there

    Hi Thuster, yes battery light an others must be on, the light only means ON no matter the color

    Hi Argivo,

    What a great start on a C212 you have made!!! This really brings make great memories for me, as I used be Chief Pilot for a company flying C212-200's on survey for many years back in the 90s. I also flew the actual C212-400 aircraft, VH-VHB that JetJockey10 linked to earlier in this thread. I picked this airplane up brand new at the factory in Seville back in 2004, and ferried it out to Australia, before taking it (and it's twin VHA) down to Antarctica for our first season for the Australian Antarctic Division. These 2 planes are named "Ginger" and "Gadget" respectively, named after 2 of Mawson's favorite sledge-dogs. Even though I've been far away from the CASAs for a number of years now, I am still a current TRE (Flight Examiner) on type and as my airline isn't going anywhere at the moment due to COVID-19, I have recently been back in the C212 for some refresher training and will be doing a couple of type-ratings with new crew for an Australian operator. Not sure what level of fidelity you intend to take this model, but I'll be very happy to assist in any way I can. I have all documentation in my library, Flight Manuals, QRHs and Garrett TPE331 manuals, so sing out with anything I can pass onto you.

    Best - Eivind

    Hi Oz, Im very happy to hear you and AFS2 comunity are enjoying my work, I really apreciate your offer to give more information about the CASA but the truth is I cant make it more reallistic, for me its just a hobby, I enjoy making 3d models but Im very far to be an expert on flight models (real life and AFS2 ^^). In fact I started a new Project yesterday

    Saludos, Raúl

    Just in case i’m missing something, we have ADF but DME/VOR/AP are coming later? Also i’m curious what the condition lever is about? I don’t suppose its possible to map it to my throttle quadrant?

    Hi Spit VOR DME and autopilot works, be sure the ignition buttons in the overhead panel are in NORM position and L GEN, R GEN and AVIONICS MASTER buttons are ON, Autopilot works fine except for the altitude and pitch control who works but too slowly I don't no why, if any of you want to take a look of course you have my permission

    You can see how to start here,

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    the flaps lever is the yellow and black stripped big one at your right hand

    In tris stage Im using the dr400s sound files And their correspondan parts of the tmd file, In some point one month or two the sound dissapear but I didnt put attention to that And now Im paying for that hehehe

    Thanks Jan, i think I have that correctly set, can you take a look?





    <[string8][Events] [ SwitchSound.Trigger ]>

    <[string8][EventsRelease][ SwitchSound.Trigger ]>













    Hi all

    Im working in a new plane but I have problems with the sounds, the plane load and Works fine except the sound, I get this message in tm file:

    3.00-tmmodelmanager: loading dynamics begin 'aviocar'...

    3.03-tmmodelmanager: loading dynamics end: (id=1) (952 dynamics) (696 graphics) (0 sound) (ny=968) (nz=190)

    The sound files are converted to tsb and appear in the aircraft directory