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    How about your team doing similar makeover for your LFLJ Courchevel airport? That might be a dazzling area for this type of treatment. You gotta love that super short runway with the 18 deg grade. Not too many buildings, but a gorgeous scenic area.

    In principle a good idea and it looks great the preview!

    I have this on my to-do list for later. On the part of the freeware, where I have an authorization for implementation and publication, there are simple versions of the four French Altiports Megève, Alpe d'Huez, Meribel & Courchevel. But the creation of the Airport-grounds on AC3D will be very challenging. It would be faster, even if it's not perfect, to combine the existing runways from fscloudport with the objects of the freeware.

    For the time being there are more exciting airfields in preparation, next two airfields in the easter part of Switzerland near Zurich:

    - LSZN Hausen am Albis

    - LSPK Hasenstrick (unfortunatly out of service since 10 years / reopening just on FS2)

    LSZN Hausen am Albis

    LSPK Hasenstrick

    The second one is located in the hilly surroundings of Zurich on a sloping slope also with an inclination. Take-off only in one direction, landing in both directions allowed. Ever tried to land downhill?

    I also started today with the realisation of LSGS Sion and work on the scenery of Zermatt. Sion and Zermatt will fit perfect together with the objects of drassaud.


    LSGS Sion (with the "stade de tourbillon)



    *** Update V1.10 now available on ***

    Scenery of Neuchâtel-town added, including additional airport-objects, buildings of town, traffic, ports, ships, powerlines, railways and add. trees etc.

    It works with IPACS’s DLC for Switzerland together with the Swiss cultivation West from drassaud (--> Update available V1.04).

    Also adapted to work together with Airport Bex with Neuchatel and Collombey Refineries V1.4 from TomSimMuc & chrispriv.

    It is now possible to fly directly from LSGN Neuchatel along the lake and past the city to the Refineries of Colombier!

    Special thanks also to TomSimMuc for his support and his piers and also to Tomfa for editing the cultivation of Neuchâtel.



    Hello everybody,

    An update of LSGN V1.1 is in progress. It will also include a high-density scenery of the city of Neuchatel and surroundings.

    I added buildings of the town, highways and roads, car-traffic and -parking, harbours with ships and much more …

    It also will work well together with the scenery of Swiss Refineries Neuchâtel-Colombier from TomSimMuc (including my airport of LSGB Bex) - refineries in sight!

    I have been using for the first time ObjectGen V0.7 form lenidcamper; it's great - thx a lot!

    Cultivation "Autogen Switzerland West" from drassaud has already been adapted and will also be included in my upload.

    Comming soon … ;)



    Thank you very much drassaud !

    Looks great! This will also fit very well with my scene of Zermatt that is still under construction. ;)

    Just one question: Can you also implement the Gornergrat. It's also form the same author "art61" on 3D Warehouse?

    Else I would try to do it myself.


    Hello Didier,




    <[vector3_float64][position][6.984387 46.259110 399.9]> ---> absolute altitude 399.9 meters


    <[int32][autoheight_override][0]> ---> 0 = autoheight Off





    <[vector3_float64][position][6.988578 46.256478 0.2]> ---> relative ground-level + 0.2 meters


    <[int32][autoheight_override][-1]> ---> -1 = autoheight On

    It seam also to have the [autoheight_override-value] [1]. --->Does somebody now the meaning/effect of it?



    Merci quand même Michael.

    Dans mon cas, je suis hors de la zone d'un aéroport. Je recherche s'il est possible de décompiler le fichier de cultivation générale ensemble de la Corse. Ensuite AFS2 Scenery Editor peut très bien supprimer des objets bâtiments et cultivation ... mais il faudrait le recompiler !.

    Bonsoir Michel,

    Selon ma connaissance, contrairement à la default-végétation de IPAC, il n’existe effectivement aucun moyen d’exclure une zone ou de décomprimer une cultivation comprimée.

    Vous devez effectivement demander à l'auteur de le faire ou d'obtenir la version non comprimée.


    And I can't understant why I have no problem with two buildings (the tower and the building below) and problems appear with a third, one that uses the same textures

    Hello Didier,

    My experience:

    Using autoheight on, FS2 calculates for every used texture in an object his own a kind of "center of gravity", that is different from the center-point of the model (!). This cause the level-issue with the different textures if the terrain is not flat.

    Do you have only one object and are you using autoheight on?

    Using only one texture (after reducing the textures/drawcalls witch MCX) or with autoheight off (absolute height-method) you won't have the issue.

    An other solution for fixed-placed-buildings is to compile several objects with the same center-coordinates (so it fits) individually and to adapt the level manually for each object or even single compiled texture.

    Finally - that may be very challenging - it's also possible to make "symmetric" resp. "balanced" objects, where every used texture has the same "center of gravity" by using resp. underlaying not visible parts of the object with this texture to "balance it out".



    One more question: I have Switzerland Neuchatel 2019 by IZ0JUB installed. Do both play well? This all gets a bit complicated as we don't have a scenery layering system.

    According to Michael's ( IZ0JUB) description, it is primarily an additional photo-texture, which also contains a cultivation.

    It should be compatible with Swiss Refineries as described at all:

    "This works well with Swiss Refineries Neochatel and Collombey Addition For Aerofly FS2 by TomSimMuc, 2019"

    So status quo for the part of Collombey refineries (area28 of the existing scenerie), just Bex (area45) with his Airfield has been improved now!


    Kind regards,


    Bonsoir Michel,

    Comme Michael l’estime, la référence à l’objet ne semble pas être correcte.

    Le nom de l’objet est "100m_support_tower_obj". Ainsi, il manque probablement que le "_obj" à la fin:

    Les fichiers "* .skp", la il s’agit des fichiers originaux des modèles de SketschUp. Ils ne sont pas nécessaires ainsi que les images "*. jpg".

    Seul le fichier *. tmb" du modèle Aerofly FS2 avec les textures appropriées "*.ttx" sont nécessaires.

    J'ai fait la Corse il y a quelque temps, certainement pas si détaillé que le vôtre. De ce point de vue une comparaison serait intéressante.


    À la première vue, ce sont surtout les deux signes ">" qui déranges:

    Un autre point: le code ICAO doit être unique, sinon le fichier est ignoré. Comme il ne s’agit pas d’un aérodrome, il est préférable de laisser le code ICAO vide.

    De manière générale, il est préférable de mettre tous les objets dans un seul fichier * .tsc, dans la mesure où la distance le permet.

    Essayez le fichier modifié: pigno2_tv (1)_mod.txt




    just for your information:

    I use AC3D, because IPACS added an aerofly export program to it.

    We can define an absolute mesh instead of a relative mesh for the airport.

    Great - I'll try it!

    I had already a first look on your scenery:
    So "<[int32][autoheight_override][0]>" makes it absolute (with the altitude over sea-level in meters as level). Correct?

    I have one more question regarding the level-correction. Even after having flatten the ground of the airport (runway & apron) using AC3D, objects like a hangar still need to have a level-correction. It seems that the level refers still to the original ground-mesh.

    It doesn't make a difference, if I place the object on the ground-mesh within the airport-model in AC3D, compiling it with the correct airport-reference point or just compiling it as single-placed object. I also tried to set the boolean [autoheight][false] without any effects.

    What I'm doing wrong? Is where a way that the level of my airport-objects refers to the flat runway/apron-ground?

    And what is impact of setting [bool] [autoheight] to [false]?



    You have to export (I think it's not include in the free online-version - use Sketchup make 2017) the modell as Collada (*.dae). Then you are able to import it in ModellConverterX.

    Converting objects with ModellConverterX has a lot of hints. To get better results watch first the video-tutorial "Aerofly FS2: Import 3D models" form Rodeo on YouTube.

    Just I always add an object-placement and export it directly as "*.tsc"-scenery (instead of an IPACS-object "*.tgi"). It's much easier.



    Well, I nether tried out with such a small exclusion, but it also should work.

    Here it is:

    Add in the cultivation section the name of the *.toc-file with the exclusion-data (and optional the file-name containing the new cultivation of trees):












    The file "Savoleyres_treesExcl.toc" contains for this example the coordinates of exclusion of the default-vegetation and has the following content:






    <[vector2_float64][min][7.2000 46.1000]>

    <[vector2_float64][max][7.2500 46.1500]>





    Hope it work's!



    I'm tired of putting hours of work into a small scenery only to see default trees sticking out of the roof of my buildings and the only way to amend this is to delete a vegetation file with 100 sqkm worth of trees and completely rebuild the vegetation from scratch.


    My experience is also that with Sketchup it is not possible to create an airport ground or to flatten a ground. So I just add a pedestal under my objects and I'm content to make a simple correction of level to ground in the *.tsc-file, so that my objects are not flying anymore (it doesn't works with cultivation yet).

    Regarding the trees from the default vegetation, however, it is already possible in a simple way to exclude a small area without having to identify and delete the entire file and make the whole area new (it doesn't works with OSM-based cultivation-trees and objects like buildings). If you are interested I can show
    you how to do it.

    Otherwise, I would also like from IPACS to be able to implement a flat ground in a simple way and to define an absolute and not only relative mesh for airport-creation. Working a lot on mountain-sceneries it also would be great if a "level to ground"-correction works for cultivation-objects.



    Many thanks for your great feedback!

    This gives me the motivation, to implement some more small or middle airports.

    First steps with AC3D are very hard, making a lot of mistakes, producing a) nothing. b) large holes in the ground or c) just small holes in the ground:

    Converting single-objects on a non-flat mesh with more than one texture may look like this (even making a flat airport-ground, the mesh remains not flat):

    After this first "making of LSGN", I think I got it now, more or less! ;)

    So, I hope to do my next upload till begin of September.

    First, I also will be on holiday for the next two weeks.

    @Trespassers: I’m looking forward for your update of LSGY Yverdon! If it doesn’t work with 3DSMax, maybe it can be done using AC3D . Good Luck!