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    I've replaced my Rift with a Reverb and so far I'm happy with it. It's much clearer, almost no screen door, and the inside out tracking is much more reliable (100% so far) than the Rift's outside in tracking.

    However, for anything using VR hand controllers you are restricted to the space the cameras can see, and the cable is heavy. I wouldn't even consider using it for room space games which require standing and waving your hands about :)

    So, good for simming but not an all rounder IMO. For anyone who wears glasses, if you go for the Reverb you will absolutely need to invest in lenses because glasses do not fit. I got mine from this place, took about 1 week to arrive in UK

    For now I'm sticking with Aerofly. Not because it has a future...

    If they have any sense companies developing scenery such as Orbx will already be in talks about partnering with Microsoft, because I think the current business model of developing 3rd party scenery will be a thing of the past. I think scenery will be streamed on the fly, and we will be paying subscriptions to use it. The talents of the current scenery developers will be needed to make the processing routines produce believeable results.

    I'll be sticking with FS2 and buying any decent scenery produced for it, as it's the only one that can deliver VR acceptably. I'm disappointed about the lack of realistic weather, traffic, atc etc etc, but why develop such things when you can see what is around the corner?

    i have a 2080ti and have no problems so far, have you checked your power supply? maybe its to weak, i have a similiar problem in the past and changed my 600 watt to a good 100

    Somewhere along the line I had changed the graphics setting to Vulkan drviers. All is ok with OpenGL :) Now all i need is my prescription lenses to arrive because it's not possible to use this with my glasses.

    hmm i have no problems with my reverb, are you sure you set it to 90 hz, if it set to automatic it has problems

    It was me being stupid. I needed to install the Windows Mixed Reality software on Steam....

    However, I have moved on to the next problem now, which is that FS2 runs a for afew minutes and then freezes. On the headset it goes back to the loading logo.

    Is anyone else running the reverb on a GTX1080? I expected I might need to upgrade the GFX card, and maybe the freeze is the proof :)

    It's great that JF are producing add-ons for FS2. However, payware scenery has been so dead for the last few weeks (months?) it's all feeling a bit stale to me.

    If we had real world weather, or just a more complex varying weather model it might keep my interest for longer in the existing scenery while we wait for more. But we don't.

    So although these latest models are tempting, and I'd like to support anyone developing for FS2, I'm not feeling the love enough to invest in them yet. Need some scenery/weather someone! :)

    Hi All,

    I'm one of the unlucky (or perhaps lucky) people who have ordered an HP Reverb but not received it because of HPs production issues.

    So now several weeks down the line I still have the option to cancel my order and walk away. I just wondered what the general consensus is about whether the HP Reverb is still the most promising way to go.

    It would be great to hear from those that have the Reverb and find out how you are getting on. Also would be good to hear from those like me who are in the market for a higher res headset and whether you think Reverb is worth the wait or maybe something else.

    ORBX released True Earth Netherlands and IPACs released South Florida and the Keys I think in the last 6 months. There have been some free-ware addons for Switzerland and Florida over at

    I'm in the UK too, and I actually want to wait to hear from a few people on the forum how they like it. There's talk of screen problems, flickering, mura etc. That could just be a rare few that raise it in forums... or it could be commonplace. I'll let other blaze the trail first I think.

    Yes, I think I may join you :)

    Thanks for the info guys. I'm dithering between HP UK and Derekenwinkel. Looks more likely to come from Derekenwinkel, but if there is a problem needing a return it will be more complex for me to resolve it as I am in the UK.

    Also, seeing as I wear glasses I'm not sure it will even be useable from what I have read :(