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    Thanks for your replies. I am already enjoying exploring New York, and you are right, it's a great place to explore with the R-22. I'll have a look at the freeware list tonight. Thanks again.

    Due to fairly limited time, I have not yet taken the plunge of installing user created scenery, but it is clear that there is some great stuff out there (well done to all involved). I just wondered if there was an idiot's guide to installing this (I have the Steam version of AFS2)? Also, any recommendations for somewhere good to take the R-22 for a spin?

    Thanks for the info. Any comments on FOV compared with other headsets?

    Just wondering if a tethered Oculus Quest is any good for AFS2. I'm considering getting a Samsung Odyssey Plus as an upgrade for my Acer WMR headset, but the Quest is another option. I would go for the Index if it was cheaper and did not need the base stations.

    I know there was a cable car in the Palm Springs Add-on, but I don't recall any in the Eagle County add-on. If there is, that will be a nice surprise.

    Thanks guys, that would explain it. Put it down to a senile moment. Then again, I'm in the UK, so can I be forgiven for not knowing my US geography? Anyway, I shall look forward to my next flight.

    OK, so this is kind of silly, but I revisited Eagle County again recently in the R-22 and I can't find the cable car. I can't even remember which airport I flew from to get there, so any directions would be greatly appreciated.:/

    It's been a long journey since I only get a chance to fiddle once in a while; flying the R-22 in VR. Finally, you begin to forget about the control movements and the helicopter starts to go where you will it to; the beast has finally been tamed (well sort of). Thanks to IPACS for this feeling of sheer satisfaction.

    VR screens tend to be focussed at infinity, so if you need glasses for distant vision, you will need them for VR. I am long-sighted, so need glasses for reading and computer monitors but I can get away without for distance (have to put up with a bit of astigmatism). The great thing is, in VR, I can bring something close to my face and still see it clearly, which I can't do in real life. I wouldn't worry too much about tracking, as flying and racing rarely involves having your hands behind your back. I usually fly AFS2 without controllers, but I tend to spend all my time in the R-22 (for which VR is a game-changer). I'm still wating for a better headset to appear; something like an Index with inside-out tracking and a lower price tag. I have tried the Reeverb, but didn't get on too well with it; low FOV and only clear in the centre; I think my eyes are just too far back and neither they nor the Reverb lenses can be moved. Meanwhile I have the Acer WMR headset, which is clearer than the original Rift and Vive, as are all WMR sets. I'm not sure how it compares with the Rift S, but I have a suspicion this might be a slight downgrade for me, though at least you can move the lenses closer (so I believe).

    Just a thought. I would have thought that those existing specs should run AFS2 fairly comfortably (maybe not flawlessly), have you checked for anything else that might affect performance? Of course, if you are running a Pimax or HP Reverb (or Index at 144 Hz), you might need a more powerful GPU. I always thought that one of the attractions of AFS2 was that you did not need a supercomputer to run it in VR (unlike certain other flight sims).

    Holy guacamole batman! Here is a great video comparison of the Pimax 8K X vs HP Reverb

    I agree with comments that the camera is probably in the wrong place for the Reverb, but that does mirror pretty much exactly what I see; blurry edges and bad chromatic aberration, so I guess my eyes are in about the same place. As far as performance is concerned, I use the Reverb at work (not for AFS2) with an I9 9900K and Titan RTX (oh to have that system at home), but the clarity issues are the same. But I'm obviously in the minority, so don't let my experience put anyone off the Reverb; I just wish it had moveable lenses.