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    With the price down to $229 I finally took the plunge and imported one into the UK on the grounds that I could sell it if it didn't suit me. From mixed reviews, I had fairly low expectations. I have been using the Acer WMR headset and have also briefly tried the Dell Visor, HP Reverb and Quest with Oculus Link. With the Reverb, I could not get my eyes close enough to the sweet spot, so it didn't work for me. The Quest was OK, but screen door is much worse than my Acer. The FOV was increased if I took off the face mask, though I could not wear it like this for long. When I tried the Odyssey+, I was pleasantly surprised. For reading dials, it seems as clear as the Acer (same horizontal resolution), with clarity exending further towards the edges; maybe just a tiny bit softer in the centre. However, it feels much clearer due to the increased contrast. The FOV is wider. With the Dell Visor, I get a 65 degree horizontal field of view using a crude test (I have to look left and right with this and that gives a reduced estimate because your eyes move closer to the edges of the lenses). With the Acer it was 75 degrees and with the Samsung it is 95. If I gaze straight ahead I am just aware of the screen edges at the extreme left and right, which is optimal. My only problem, which has been stated by others, is that to get to the sweet spot, I have to press it onto the top of my nose.

    Was it worth the upgrade? Absolutely! Everywhere looks brighter and the increased FOV makes it a little more immersive. The biggest difference is night flying, which is just mind blowing with the Amoled screens (the Acer has fairly poor contrast ratio). For any flight simmers looking for an entry into VR I would recommend this if you can pick one up at such a low price. I personally prefer it to the Reverb, but this is probably just down to my head shape. Most complaints refer to WMR controller tracking, but this is a non-issue for flying.

    Due to fairly limited time, I have not yet taken the plunge of installing user created scenery, but it is clear that there is some great stuff out there (well done to all involved). I just wondered if there was an idiot's guide to installing this (I have the Steam version of AFS2)? Also, any recommendations for somewhere good to take the R-22 for a spin?

    Thanks for the info. Any comments on FOV compared with other headsets?

    It's been a long journey since I only get a chance to fiddle once in a while; flying the R-22 in VR. Finally, you begin to forget about the control movements and the helicopter starts to go where you will it to; the beast has finally been tamed (well sort of). Thanks to IPACS for this feeling of sheer satisfaction.

    Holy guacamole batman! Here is a great video comparison of the Pimax 8K X vs HP Reverb

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    I agree with comments that the camera is probably in the wrong place for the Reverb, but that does mirror pretty much exactly what I see; blurry edges and bad chromatic aberration, so I guess my eyes are in about the same place. As far as performance is concerned, I use the Reverb at work (not for AFS2) with an I9 9900K and Titan RTX (oh to have that system at home), but the clarity issues are the same. But I'm obviously in the minority, so don't let my experience put anyone off the Reverb; I just wish it had moveable lenses.