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    It's been like this for months. I don't understand why it's not fixed yet:(

    My Tecnam P2008 crashes the sim with 2020 08 07 version (did not install previous alphas). Tried several other user made aircraft and they work fine.

    Signing out of the alpha makes it work again. Anybody else experiencing this problem?

    I have changed nothing to the aircraft for several month.

    Yes this happened to me two days ago. Tried twice, gave up...

    Well, Aerofly FS2 got me in to flight sim so I think Ipacs is doing something right. In the beginning I was just flying around but wanted to learn more. Watched a lot of YouTube and learned to navigate and a new world opened up. The planes are not too advanced and that makes it easier to learn how things works too. Tried xplane and learned a bit more. But VR sucks in xplane so I went back to Aerofly. So I guess my point is that at least Aerofly is a very good place to start if you want to get in to flight sims. I tried Xplane and DCS in the beginning and it was just too overwhelming. I understand that hardcore simmers want more, but then this sim just isn't for them...

    Ok. I think I need to point out that you can't just download an area from Google and fly over it. You need to make a scenery using the tools available in this forum.

    I've tried doing this and it's a lot of work and I couldn't make it work properly ?(

    So if you make a scenery or download one made by others you can of course fly over it in VR or flat screen. If you use VR the image on your PC screen will be double, showing one image for each eye. You can turn this of and just show a single image but that's not recommended due to performance issues

    I guess there is a misunderstanding here somewhere, but I don't quite understand what it is8o

    What do you mean by "Google VR areas"?

    Do you have a link so I can understand exactly what this is?



    Wait... Are you asking if you can download Google VR and put it into Aerofly FS2?

    If so; no that is not possible

    But it would be really cool :)

    To fly on the Google VR scene, is it necessary to download the area you want to fly?

    You have to download the Google VR app from Steam or Oculus store and then you are good to go. I would guess its about 2-3 Gb

    Also, if after downloading the area you want to fly in VR, it can be seen on a flat screen with the same quality or resolution that I see flying with the Google simulator ?. Of course, I suppose that VR can also be seen, with any existing headset on the market.

    When you are using Google VR what you see is shown in a small window on your pc screen, so I guess its not the same quality. But I really don't know. Not using the pc screen very much when I'm in VR ;)

    I would be very surprised if Google VR can't be used with every existing headset. Maybe not PSVR, but I think that works too

    I hope this will answer your questions



    I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly, but if you're asking if you can use a VR headset to fly an FS2 airplane in Google Earth VR, that's a big no.

    In Google VR you can "fly" but it's more like moving around like Superman. There is no plane. But yes, you can "fly" anywhere on the planet and the app won't fill up your hard drive.

    In FS2 you can use all the planes inside and outside the cockpit, just like on a flat screen

    They could add the piper P28 to the mobile platform .. I would love to fly that magnificent plane .. At the moment I don't have a pc to play the pc version ... It doesn't matter if you need to pay, I gladly pay for that wonderful plane ... I dream of flying the piper P28 on mobile platform greetings

    You have to go to the just flight forum to make that happen

    I think that the autopilot is working on all the planes that has an autopilot modelled. And yes you turn try the knob and the value changes in your virtual cockpit. The display on the hardware is not working in Aerofly though. Not sure if that's Aerofly fault or that it's broken. I think maybe it's working in xplane but I fly in VR so I don't care😉