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    When you say its not looking very good which image provider did you use and at what resolution?

    I used Google. Can't remember which resolution. Quite high I guess since I wanted to fly low and look at my house8o Some of it looks ok but some parts won't load until I'm flying over it and some won't load at all. So when I say it doesn't look good I really mean that it doesn't work ^^ And I couldn't figure out why so I gave up, hoping some kind community members one day would do their magic:saint:

    I'm trembling with joy! :love: Hope you guys can make this work! I wish I could contribute but I've tried to make some scenery around Stavanger Airport (which is my home) and unfortunately it's not looking very good. I have been dreaming of flying in Norway since the day I bought Aerofly and got in to flightsimming a couple of years ago.

    I got the game to crash again fiddling with the direct-to button, but only once so I don't know why this happens.

    The mapfreeze came when I had a flight plan and entered the "nearest" menu. It was the icon and route map. Forgot to check the ground texture map.

    I was flying in Florida with the Duchess. Haven't checked the other planes.

    I think it's all the maps, but I'll do some testing during the weekend and come back to you with more details. But I can confirm what Flamingpie says. It works if you leave it alone;)

    But there shouldn't be any crashes in the latest version and if there are, how can I reproduce them?

    I’m kind of stupid, so I tend to press the wrong button when I want to hold Clear for a fast return to the main menu. Can’t remember which one. But when I do, the game crashes. But the main problem is that the moving map freezes. And that is every time I use the GPS...

    I can link one that I remember on the top of my head. It's from Progmr's channel when he tries the Duchess. He talks about the moving map freezing at around 7.30. I've seen another video too describing the same, but I can't remember which one. This happens with me also every time I try to use the GPS.

    Does anybody else have a problem with the GNS 430? It freezes, make the game crash, make the game stutter and other weird stuff. I have seen YouTube videos of others having some of the same issues so it's not just me. So is it broken for everyone or just a few?

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    But I found the culpritt, my graphic settings were messed up although I didn't touch it since long ago.

    Maybe because of the update?

    Nevertheless, it is working again!

    Do you mean graphic settings in the game? Because there's nothing wrong with my settings and I have the same problem...

    I had this very same issue last week. It just randomly happened. I'm almost 100% certain that I did no tinkering for the problem to occur.

    I had to completely reinstall Aerofly for everything to comeback. At first I performed an Integrity Check but that did not fix anything. However, I believe you might be right about it being an xref issue? I can't fully confirm because I went straight for the reinstall fix. But it might just be that you need to reinstall those xref folders?

    I also did a integrity check but no fix. A reinstall will be a lot of work with all the add-ons so I was hoping to avoid that. But if that's what it takes... Since I'm not the only one with this issue it would be nice to know what the problem is so that we don't have to reinstall the sim all the time... The xref folder in the install folder got some files in it but the xref folder in my documents is empty. Is it supposed to have something in it?

    Hi all! I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with. I've tried a lot of the airports from FSCloudPort and only the RW and maybe some static planes shows in the sim. No tower and no other buildings even when the description says that there should be several. I read in the tutorial that I need a file called xref_global, but according to Spit40 that file is not necessary anymore. So what am I doing wrong? All the files are in the correct folders. I have also tried to move them around but nothing helps. Hope someone can help