Schleicher ASG 29 Glider


The Schleicher ASG 29 is a single-seated high performance sailplane designed for the FAI-18-m competition class. The wingspan can be easily reduced to 15 m, allowing the ASG 29 to also start in the popular 15 m racing class. Having a maximum glide ratio of 52, the ASG 29 is at the upper end of the performance scale. Numerous top rankings at international competitions prove this outstanding performance. Long ailerons, extending almost to the wing tip, give this orchid a high maneuverability.


Key Features

Physics Simulation

  • Realistic aerodynamics simulation featuring fully simulating stalls, side slip and ground effect, aerodynamic forces on the fuselage, individual control surfaces
  • Full multibody aircraft that bends under load
  • Natural gear compression and damping
  • Gear retraction shifts center of mass slightly
  • Fully simulated yaw string
  • Fully simulated magnetic compass
  • Realistic glide and circling performance
  • Airbrakes also cause loss in lift
  • Increased drag from extended gear
  • Realistic flap-aileron mixer
  • Significant adverse yaw

Aircraft Systems & Instrumentation

  • Fully interactive cockpit
  • Full electric network with battery, buses, electrical switches and individual electrical loads
  • Interactive GPS navigation system with arrival height computation, bearing to and distance to next waypoint, GPS ground speed, before takeoff parameters, flight page, nearest airfield list and more
  • Total energy compensated (TEK) and netto variometer
  • Adjustable variometer volume
  • Altimeter pressure setting
  • Interactive COM
  • Gear warning when airbrake unlocked and gear up

3D Model, Sounds and Animations

  • High quality mesh and high resolution textures
  • Full interior model
  • Canopy can be opened (but causes significant drag…)
  • Sliding window (causing only very small drag…)
  • Adjustable air-intake
  • Realistic airbrake and gear lever sounds
  • Wind sounds, ground roll, etc.


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