Schleicher ASK 21 Training Glider


The Schleicher ASK 21 is very common two-seat glider used primarily for beginner and aerobatic flight training with a maximum takeoff weight of 600kg and a glide ratio of 33.5. The design is kept simple without trailing edge flaps, with a fixed landing gear and simple but effective air-brakes. Its easy handling characteristics and robust construction also enable aerobatic maneuvers between -4.0 to +6.5 g’s. Its maiden flight was in 1979 and over 1000 units have been built since.


Key Features

Physics Simulation

  • Realistic aerodynamics simulation featuring fully simulating stalls, side slip and ground effect, aerodynamic forces on the fuselage, individual control surfaces
  • Full multibody aircraft that bends under load
  • Natural gear compression and damping
  • Gear retraction shifts center of mass slightly
  • Fully simulated yaw string
  • Fully simulated magnetic compass
  • Realistic glide and circling performance
  • Airbrakes also cause loss in lift
  • Significant adverse yaw

Aircraft Systems & Instrumentation

  • Fully interactive cockpit
  • Electric network with battery, buses, electrical switches and individual electrical loads
  • Total energy compensated (TEK)
  • Adjustable variometer volume
  • Altimeter pressure setting
  • Interactive COM

3D Model, Sounds and Animations

  • High quality mesh and high resolution textures
  • Full interior model
  • Can be flown from rear seat as well
  • Canopies can be opened
  • Realistic airbrake sounds
  • Wind sounds, ground roll, etc.


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