Experiences and recommendations for geoconvert / what horsepower is needed ?

  • Hi,

    are there any recommendations which system setup is needed to do the geoconvert for larger areas ?

    I have an intel quadcore @3.5 GHz with 16 MB RAM and fast SSD.

    scenario with Level 14 (Downlaod Resolution 0) 30x20 nm works fine

    But a scenario 75x40 causes freezes and stopped my PC from processing any task.



    ... and sorry, I posted this initially in the wrong group.

  • Just had the error again too. (level 9 only)

    Restarted that computer to have a clean memory. (32 GB)

    Lets hope we get an update soon that addresses the memory bug, some people of

    IPACS had or still have their wel deserved summer holiday vacation so I think we

    have to be patient.

  • Today I started using a little program called "mem reduct"

    That cleans unused RAM when it goes above 90% (you can change that)

    Sometimes it went completely bazooka but it kept the process going on

    my 16 GB computer even with FSET downloading.

    I mentioned this also somewhere else, sorry if you had to read this twice :)

  • Thanks for introducing "mem reduct". So it really decrease the GeoConvert crash?

  • Yes it helps, but I have no scientific proof.

    Yesterday a few projects went well that crashed before but last night a big area crashed again.

    I keep using it until IPACS solves the memory bug.

  • Hi there,

    i think, the only way to prevent the GeoConvert Tool from crashing is to expand memory.

    But it must not be physical memory, because your Computer is able to use virtual memory, which is provided by the pagefile configuration. To see how you can change the pagefile configuration please take a look at this youtube video.

    I recommend to put the pagefile on a ssd drive with enough free space and make it as large as possible.

    I have only installed 8 Gb memory in my system and was able to convert rather large areas by using a pagefile of 100 Gb.

    And i don't think that the GeoConvert Tool has a memory bug. It simply needs so much memory because it loads all source bitmaps in memory at one time to be able to process them further.

    I hope my positive experience with increased virtual memory will help some of you too.


  • Yes I know, no problems with the helper.

    Ik enlarged my pagefile again , initial 30,000 up to 50,000 MB...

    Both on my SSD C:\ and also the D drive

    ... and started that impossible project again :P