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    What if we wanted to generate two or more high res areas inside a single level 9 tile with Helper

    With the helper app it is not possible, since you can define only three areas and these only for different levels. I don't know whether the GeoConvert Tool supports more than one entry per level, but you could try it by editing the file "gch.tmc" and adding the entries manually before pressing "Start".

    Am I supposed to turn off the snap when I first enter the base number and then turn snap on?

    I never tried to enter coordinates manually for the large area, since these fields are normally filled by the program automatically. But you're right, manually entering values only works when snapping is disabled.

    To make a high resolution insert at level 14, I would have thought that you will have to "snap" at that level as well to avoid the black. I know that when I do it manually, I have to keep adding a larger FSET image (FSET=0) so that when the raw_images get generated, I inspect them to make sure that the area that I want for the insert has no black in the .PNG file. I'm not sure how you do it.

    If you follow the approach described in the tutorial, no mask images will be produced at all. I assume the trick is to process the images for all resolutions in one go.

    GeoConvert seems to fill incomplete images from higher levels with data from lower levels if available to avoid masks. So if you stay within level 9 tile bounds for all levels, no masks will be created.

    I'm happy you succeeded with these new features! Excellent work and many thanks from the community.

    Your support was vital 8)

    Danke sehr Uwe!


    Thanks again!

    You're welcome!

    Hello GeoConverters,

    a new version of the GeoConvert Helper application is available.

    Changes in Version 1.08:

    • Support for the new GeoConverter switch [write_images_with_mask]
    • Snapping function, which snaps the coordinates to the bounds of Aerofly FS 2 level 9 tiles
    • Copy and paste function to exchange coordinates with FSET
    • Tutorial for the advanced use of GeoConvert Helper (accessible via Help menu)

    Please download it from here.

    After unpacking you should rename GeoConvertHelper.ex to GeoConvertHelper.exe

    The tutorial is also available here.

    I would like to thank Rodeo, drhotwing1 and the IPACS team for their support.

    Hi GeoConverters,

    a new version of the GeoConvert Helper application is available.

    Changes in version 1.07:

    • The file "PartialFSEarthTiles.ini" isn't needed anymore, the information is now read from the generated inf files
    • In advanced mode it is possible to define three areas with different size as described in the Addendum of the GeoConvert/FSET Tutorial. So you can easily define a large area for low resolution images and two smaller areas for higher resolution images.
    • The creation of raw images is now supported.
    • minor ui adjustments

    Please download it from here

    Hello Dave

    One option in GeoConvert that has really helped me build a high resolution (level 14 or 15) insert correctly without any mask tiles is the "images_raw" option.

    The next version will have such an option.

    Also, could you please explain the "Prepare" button - I'm not sure I understand the purpose of it. I'm not sure when I should change the N,E,W,S values.

    The "Prepare" button does the same as the "Start" button in simple mode, except for starting the GeoConvert Tool. Thereby you have the opportunity to change the coordinates before starting the geoconverting process.

    maybe you could just get that info from the INF or TXT files from FSET (I realize that you would have to read many files and get the max and min - maybe not so easy!!)

    Certainly i will delve into that, but that will need some more time ;)



    Hi there,

    i think, the only way to prevent the GeoConvert Tool from crashing is to expand memory.

    But it must not be physical memory, because your Computer is able to use virtual memory, which is provided by the pagefile configuration. To see how you can change the pagefile configuration please take a look at this youtube video.

    I recommend to put the pagefile on a ssd drive with enough free space and make it as large as possible.

    I have only installed 8 Gb memory in my system and was able to convert rather large areas by using a pagefile of 100 Gb.

    And i don't think that the GeoConvert Tool has a memory bug. It simply needs so much memory because it loads all source bitmaps in memory at one time to be able to process them further.

    I hope my positive experience with increased virtual memory will help some of you too.



    Maybe you can figure out a way to help with the high resolution insert (1 meter per pixel inside of a 4 meter per pixel) problem which is that we need to use smaller (slightly more toward/inside the center of an FSET area) TMC coordinates than that of level 14 (for example) tile edges. I think it might require an algorithm from IPACS to calculate those edges. Otherwise we get masks that ruin the appearance along the edge of the insert.

    Thanks for your tool

    Dave W.

    Hello Dave,

    the next version GeoConvert Helper will allow to define two areas with different detail levels. Maybe this will simplify the creation of a high resolution insert, but it will not solve the problem as such.

    I think we need to know how the tiles in FS 2 are defined to prevent the creation of masks.



    I checked the files you have posted and they both look good.

    Since your configuration looks good too and the GeoConvert Tool produces ttc files, i don't have a clue what's going wrong.

    I suggest to begin from scratch with a very small low resolution area and detail level 9. If FS 2 crashes again on your system, you can send me the ttc files via email to

    By the way, Aerofly FS 2 never crashed on my system up to now, whatever i did.

    Hello Dave,

    i think the discrepancy is the result of the varying accuracy of degrees and decimal degrees.

    GeoConvert Helper reads the total area from PartialFSEarthTiles.ini in degrees, minutes and seconds and converts the numbers to decimal degrees.

    Coordinates in degrees, minutes and seconds in general are less precise than coordinates with 12 decimal places.



    Hi chaser13372,

    as i can see on the screenshot, the configuration of GeoConvert Helper seems correct.

    If it is still not working, i strongly recommend to empty all folders involved in the converting process:

    1. Check "Delete files from previous efforts in destination folder"
    2. Check "Delete files from previous efforts in '\aerofly_fs_2_geoconvert\scenery\images'"
    3. Manually delete all files in the FSET work folder before starting FSET

    Good luck